Angelina Jolie: Stabbed in the Back as Usual!

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Angelina Jolie is having a rough go of it ... from like 2005-present.

Not only has Brad Pitt been wooing Jennifer Aniston (for months if not years, according to InTouch and its ilk), but now his mom is getting in on the diabolical plan to tear Brangelina apart! That's right, Jane Pitt is totally on Team Jen!

Stabbed in the Back For the 193rd Time

This reputable source claims the elder Pitt is spilling Angie's secrets to Jen, and that Jolie is publicly trashing Aniston and using Brad to "get even."

"Jane still thinks of Jen as a daughter," says a pal. "She knows Angelina isn't happy about it, but that doesn't stop her from keeping Jen in her life."

To Angelina, the friendship is a slap in the face. Angelina feels she - not Jen - should take precedence with his parents. Blaming Brad's ex even more than his mother, Angelina is intent on sending Jennifer Aniston a clear message:

Keep away from my family.

According to the friend, the main reason she took the twins to Eastern Europe was to upset Jane. Furious with her ongoing friendship with Jen, and feeling increasingly blackballed by her own family, Angelina wanted to send a message.

"Angie strongly thinks that the past is the past, and Jennifer and Jane should let each other go because their friendship is just disrespectful."

"Angie had been complaining to Brad that it's weird for his mom to talk to his ex-wife, but Brad just brushed it off," which Jolie didn't care for, and as a result, "she decided she didn't want Jane watching over the twins."

She's been sending that message loud and clear.

It's making it hard for Jane, who "cherishes her friendship with Jennifer," and has known her for 10 years. "They care about each other," the friend says. "Jane has never kept it a secret. She doesn't see why she has to cut off that connection."

Brad tends to agree with his mother, further rankling Angelina: "He thinks Jane is a grown woman and she should be able to do what she wants."

Hilarious, almost certainly untrue stuff right there. But can you really blame Jane? Angelina thinks Brad's dumb and boring in bed. B!tch please.

Just for fun, here's a look at some of the recent Angelina Jolie tabloid covers from THE PAST MONTH ALONE (click to enlarge for further hilarity):

Bored with Brad
The Truth!!!!
Mental Hospital Style
Tearing Them Apart!

Jennifer Aniston does not have more morals than Angelie Jolie...her movies from years ago reflect this..nothing of substancial worth. Also, she loved to lay by the pool..Brad wanted more. Angelina is a humantarian...Brad was attracted. And supposently,Angelina walked naked on the set in front of Brad. Now that's a power play!!


I don't feel sorry for Angelina Jolie, She new she was stealing another womans husband. Not the first time she has done it. I hope that one day Brad and Jen will get back together again. Jen is a much nicer girl, with better morals than Jolie. And if Brads Mum wants to be friends with Jen so be it. Jolie can't be very secure of herself, if it upsets her so much. She thinks she is bloody wonderful and she is not. YUK.


1. Angelina climbed into bed with a married man.
2. He had a wife and she knew this.
3. She did not give a flippin rip that he had a wife when she pulled her panties off for him.
4. Whine if she must but no one gives a d _ _ n. Angelina, you can cry in your pea soup for all I care. You got and are getting and I hope you continue to get what you deserve sweet pea. Message to self, oh gosh, maybe I should not pull my panties down for a married man, cause his divorce and expect to marry him and live happily ever after. I hope you personally suffer for a lifetime for the sin you chose.
Hugs and kisses Angie.


It being 4 years, leave these folks alone. Brad Pit and Joliet did what Julia Roberts, Steven Speilberg,liz Taylor, and many other famous people did. Fell in love on the screen. A bird so free will never fly away. Leave them alone. Enough


i think brad's mom like jenn better then angelina


This is to Betty and blady02......I fell thats they should just leave Brad and Angie alone. I think that Jen cannot let go of the fact that Angie is with Brad and she lost him.. EVERYONR blames Angie for "stealing" Brad, well it takes two to tango, Brat let it happen if he really wanted to stay with Jen he owuld have never done anything with Angie.. THEY ARE ONLY HUMAN GET OVER IT!!!!!! Just because they are celebrities doesnt make them any worse than lower class working people... There are MANY other men who "cheat" on their wives/girlfriends but we dont hear about that because they are not a famous... Well For who ever said Angies movies are great and seems liek your jealous abd believe the BS that tabloids print, they will say anything to make a quick buck!!!


Seriously, I feel Angie is a little insecure in that she wants Jane to end her friendship with Jen because now Angie is part of the family? Hmmm.....could her insecurity stem from having affairs with married men and/or other women's fiancees and/or boyfriends? She's a great humanitarian and I applaud her in that regard. However, to expect one person to end a friendship with another because SHE feels it's "disrespectful" is, I would say, juvenile.


No one can be this gullible! Who are these ignorant individuals who week in and week out believe this fabricated BS? Seriously,
these rags have been lying to you Jen hags for 5 years and you
sad sacks keep coming back for more? What does that say about your intelligence?

Avatar might want to put the tabloids down and read a book!
When are you Jen fans going to start living in reality?
In Touch,Life and Style,Star and Us Weekly don't know
a damn thing about what goes on in the Jolie-Pitt household.I knew it would be a matter of time before the tabloids pulled out the "Jane hates Angelina" lie.If I had a dollar for EVERY lie the tabloids have printed about the Jolie- Pitt's in the last 5 years I could buy a Villa in Italy.And that is the TRUTH!!!


@ In Touch Weekly, Aniston filed the divorce papers from Brad. They remain divorced.
About 4 years ago Aniston was on TV, celebrating the new season of
Oprah. When Oprah asked if she was *Okay,Aniston's (final) answer was people,please turn the page.
My analogy is Brangelina continues to live and love and pay absolutely no attention to the ragmags, and Aniston continues to get the front pages of free publicity that she loves.
Because Angelina is a mother,a working woman,in a relaxed relationship for more than 5 years with the same man,who shares her commitment to their children, and a powerhouse when it comes to charitable efforts,I applaud her and continue to think that Angelina continues to be Awesome, and Jennifer Aniston *Lonely!!

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