Angelina Jolie: Blackballed By Her Own Family!

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On her promotional tour for Salt, Angelina Jolie has not been shy regarding her happy family life and how she makes a point of spending time with the kids.

She even says she makes them bacon and eggs "every morning." But is this just a front for a conniving woman who's been ostracized by her own brood?

Stabbed in the Back For the 193rd Time

We doubt it, but why let truth stand in the way, right In Touch?

First it was the drug photos. Then Jennifer Aniston stealing Brad Pitt back. Now, the gossip magazine alleges, it's "secret flings" driving Brangelina apart.

Apparently, Leonardo DiCaprio was involved in one with her. Amazing how often she supposedly gets around for a woman whose every move is chronicled.

Angelina's children, this rag claims, like the nanny more than her!

Recently, at the Claremont Hotel in Oakland - where their dad is currently filming Moneyball - the kids seemed more interested in the nanny's company.

“At one point, Maddox and Pax got into a brotherly spat over the ketchup,” a witness says. “The nanny firmly said, ‘Mad, let Paxie have some ketchup.’"

"Maddox said, ‘Mom, do I have to?’ and Pax was whining, ‘Mom, make him give me some.’” That's right, the boys repeatedly called their nanny “mom.”

Shocking, scandalous stuff ... and proof that Angelina is being blackballed by her own family due to her conduct and status as an awful human being.

“Angelina is gone so much working or in meetings that the kids do spend most of their time during the day with the nannies,” a so-called friend claims.

“Publicly, [Jolie] would not like the help to be seen, but kids are so attached to them, they are like family - whether Angelina wants to believe it or not.”


source from unknow source?


I wonder who brought up this story....there's no source. Do the people who wrote this article actually witnessed first hand what took place between Pax, Maddox and the nanny??????? In Touch....there's no other story worth writing????..... This is SAD!


More stupidity. What bothers me most is that the majority of people writing and believing this stuff hate Jolie because of what she did to Jen (rolling eyes), but they are being just as horrible as (they espouse) Jolie was by saying such rubbish about her family, stuff her kids are going to see and read some day. The kids are innocent here, so who is really doing more harm? Jen can take care of herself, but the Jolie-Pitt kids don't deserve the attacks on their parents. Leave the personal lives of this family alone. FYI, I know a couple of people who have been around this family, in business and personally, and say nothing but nice things about the interaction between the kids and Angie, and they are by all accounts a loving a healthy family.


She nor Brad have ever denied they didn't have help. THAT is not a crime. If it were over half the people in the world would be in jail. Those kids know exactly who their mother and father are. They look well behaved. And all this crap about Angie working too much. She makes ONE movie per year. 3 months at the most. HARDLY someone away from her children. Who go on the set to visit her and a father that stops working to be there too. The rags really need to move on to some other people. They are looking like bigger fools week after week. Leave this family alone.


Angelina continues to be a working mother,in a long-term relationship with her children's father,who has given interviews over the years expressing his love for his family. Angelina continues to be awesome in her tireless efforts to help others beyond the confines of her family, without going out of her way to inform us of her charitable contributions. Angelina has 9 lives
and will outlive those writers who continue to write such rubbish about her and her family.Brad and her children love her, are where they want to be as a family. Continued best to Angelina, Brad, and their (little) cubs!!!


of couse.
That's not true!
if anyone is putting it out, it's jen's camp.


Yea...ok. Next


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