Adam Lambert in Concert: NYC Pictures and Performances

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It's been a busy summer for Adam Lambert.

The former American Idol runner-up has navigated the country on his first-ever solo tour, entertaining audiences and tongue diving with a few fans along the way.

Earlier this week, the singer's travels took him to the St. George Theatre in Staten Island, New York. Once inside, Lambert put on his usual show, which included fog machines, leather and eccentric outfits. To wit:

Adam Lambert in Concert
NYC Performance Pic

[Photos: Splash News]

Check out two performances from the concert below and ask yourself: How did this man not get nominated for a single Video Music Award?!? What a rip-off!

[video url="" title="Fever in NYC"] [/video]


Adam Lambert is amazing performer and singer live. His videos, all three, are excellent. I have no idea why they were ignored for nominations. I mean look at the viewer counts for them at various sites besides being brilliant work


I would love to know the same thing about MTV. When I see some of the videos that were nominated. (I just don't get it.)


I ask my self that Q . adam lambert is sach a unique talent i think thay (mtv) find it hard to characterize


I agree about MTV's obvious snub of Adam for a music award nomination!!!! His videos are phenomenal! What were they thinking? Who, exactly makes these nominations and what criteria do they use?


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