Adam Lambert in Concert: NYC Pictures and Performances

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It's been a busy summer for Adam Lambert.

The former American Idol runner-up has navigated the country on his first-ever solo tour, entertaining audiences and tongue diving with a few fans along the way.

Earlier this week, the singer's travels took him to the St. George Theatre in Staten Island, New York. Once inside, Lambert put on his usual show, which included fog machines, leather and eccentric outfits. To wit:

Adam Lambert in Concert
NYC Performance Pic

[Photos: Splash News]

Check out two performances from the concert below and ask yourself: How did this man not get nominated for a single Video Music Award?!? What a rip-off!

[video url="" title="Fever in NYC"] [/video]


He does deserve a nomination for all of his hard work. But he's still establishing himself as an artist. Next year, watch out. He will be nominated for several categories and hopefully win some or all


I saw him at the Hampton Beach Casino concert on 8/21/2010 It was absolutely AWESOME !!!!!!!


I seriously love this dude!!! I'm so depresses that I missed him when he was in town and hope he comes back!


I just love that coat. Can I have it? Please? :)


yeah..I gotta say I agree, the dude deserved at least one nomination...


Adam is energetic, invigorating, inspiring and apparently way over the heads of the MTV Selection Committee - I agree with Isabelle - his awards are coming. Adam is a force that cannot be ignored! Hope you all have gotten to go see him perform live this summer. I'm hitting my 2nd show in September - can't wait!


His time will come,Adam will recieve many awards!! He is so wonderful and talented. Love him


Was dragged to this concert by my GF and was dreading being the only guy in the place. Liked WWFM well enough but hadn't really heard any of his other music and wasn't sure what to expect. Well this guy can seriously sing! I wouldn't admit it to many but gotta say, I really liked the show. Way more diverse crowd than I expected, although a lot of old folks there too. I was not spazzing out like most of the crowd but this guy puts on a show and holds your attention. Some of the songs were awesome and yeah, downloaded the album......


Thanks for post, can never get enough of seeing or hearing this guy, totally phenominal talent. I went to his first show in June and it was great, he's the whole package for sure. As for MTV, well I dunno, whatever, why is a channel that doesnt even show music videos anymore actually doing music video awards? The oversight just proves its all politics and marketing at this point, not based on old fashioned concepts like ya know, talent and ability.


I am shouting!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this guy's talent soooooooooooo much I just decided to go buy his album!!! He's amazing!!!

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