Adam Lambert in Concert: NYC Pictures and Performances

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It's been a busy summer for Adam Lambert.

The former American Idol runner-up has navigated the country on his first-ever solo tour, entertaining audiences and tongue diving with a few fans along the way.

Earlier this week, the singer's travels took him to the St. George Theatre in Staten Island, New York. Once inside, Lambert put on his usual show, which included fog machines, leather and eccentric outfits. To wit:

Adam Lambert in Concert
NYC Performance Pic

[Photos: Splash News]

Check out two performances from the concert below and ask yourself: How did this man not get nominated for a single Video Music Award?!? What a rip-off!

[video url="" title="Fever in NYC"] [/video]


Adam Lambert is a great performer. His voice is wonderful
and it's impossible Adam don't be on vma... Its hard to believe...
Isn't justice...


I haave seen Adam in 3 concerts and never saw or heard anything like him,,he has the purest and most most amazing voice I have ever heard,,,and I have heard them all in my day,,,his range is unbelievable and when he sings Soaked you want to cry forit's purity,,,aside from that,,he is a fantastic showman,,he knows what the public wants,,and he gives them their monies worth and more,,,run ,,don't walk to see him in concert,,


when is america going to acknowledge this mega-talent best artist out there? Canada already has, sang to 75,000 people 4 days ago, they love him the rest of the world is lovin him except America! WAKE UP he beats everybody out there today in the music industry and losts of powerful people are dishing him big-time! His millions of fans and growing daily are really getting fed up with all the snubs and homophophia crap!


ADAM's talent is so far above MTV ... everytime I tune in to that channel I'm 'bombarded' with RAP .. HIP HOP .. NONE of which should even be considered music. I won't be watching MTV/VMA or AMA's or any other music award show UNTIL I know for sure that ADAM is going to be on. It's that simple .. they snub ADAM ... I snub them. HOPE their ratings PLUMMET down to ZERO!!!


Adam Lambert is The Best Ever not only do I love his music and his voice but I love him yeah creepy but he takes my breath away every time. Keep up the fantasic work Adam.


He should have at least been nominated for best new artist. I never even heard of two of the nominees and I watch quite a few music videos. Of course Bieber will probably win anyway. I won't be watching for the first time. I don't plan to watch the AMAs or Grammys. I'll concede that all the awards will go to Swift, Bieber, Eminem, GaGa (that's ok) and other forgetable people. Maybe next year! At least I got to see him in concert!


pues ni modo
ya con todo su talento q tiene
ya sera para la proxima q el gane muchos premios pero en este año el a trabajado mucho ya de perdido q este entregando en premio o que cante


i love this guy and i predict he will be the next elvis presley.
you don't get any better than adam lambert. i'm gonna be 50 years old, and adam is one of the bestttttttttt singers i have ever heard. i will buy every album this guy ever makes. you rock adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Adam Lambert had mad talent and you just can't believe how amazing he sounds live. I can't imagine him not getting awards in the US (Canada already gave him one). Regardless he truly is one of the best artists around today and his live concert is off the charts!


Don't really care about awards - just hope his music and performances continue to get into the hands and heads of more music lovers and teens. I've been to a handful of GNT concerts and there are definitely teen fans there, and a ton of 20-30somethings, among the 35+ diverse crowd... but really think the older teens would love most of his tracks if they heard them! Lambert doesn't need that tween market IMHO, but think he could enjoy a wider 15-20 fanbase and I think they'd be into his music and performance style if they'd find their way to him. Hope that happens and they can get on the bandwagon - so much to love about this dude... and he kills it live, AMAZING!

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