Adam Lambert Goes Tongue Diving

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Adam Lambert may have recently remixed a song, but he drew even more attention this week for remixing a concert tradition.

During a performance in Providence, Rhode Island, the eccentric singer took a few seconds away from covering Tears For Fears' "Mad World" and then T. Rex's 20th "Century Boy" to make out with a pair of lucky fans.

Of his actions, the singer Tweeted after the show: TongueDiving is the new StageDiving. Get Into It.

We know a few million fans that would love to get into it with you, Adam. The tongue diving takes place at about the 4:15 and 5:20 marks below:

Lambert has been navigating the country all summer on his Glam Nation Tour. Check out photos and clips from his concert in Wichita last month NOW!

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My son and I were at this concert in Providence and it was nothing short of AMAZING! I love love love Adam and this concert and his performance made me love him even more! He is so very talented and I so wish I was one of the fans he tongue dived with!


It's heard to believe that Adam Lambert was't nominate for VMA. I don't agree because he is a wonderful singer and performer...


romeopeach, I definitely agree with you. This country is so full of hypocrites, it's the "norm." I love that Adam is who he is and makes no apologies. Why should he? He's given us more exciting music than I've heard in a long time. I've seen him twice and watching Adam Lambert on stage is 100 times better than just listning to his album, which is great.
Adam Lambert is unique. He also said that people take him too seriously, regarding things he tweets or says.
I get such a kick watching or listening to him.


omg lucky fan!!! but be careful of yr health adam...its kinda dangerous as u wont know if the fan is sick a not


OMG you are one very hot man!! Tongue diving.....why didn't you do that in NYC. This would give me incentive to sleep over night on the street and be up front!! I was at the concert and loved every minute of it...We want you back in NYC again soon!!


I couldn't love this man any more than I already do. The surprises and excitement is never-ending! What an out of this world lovely man and entertainer.


man i got family in providence i wish they wood have let me come to watch. that wood have beeen awesome and his fans prblay enjoyed tht i mean like any adam fan wood have sooo ha to u haters and keep rockin adam!!!!


@ianaleah how the hell does this have ANYTHING to do with Elton John?? Besides being gay and being singers he and Adam have absolutely NOTHING in common!!! Elton John is British, he's older than Moses and he was a pop icon in a completely different generation than Adam. Adam is his own person and his own artist and it is completely irrelevant and ridiculous to draw comparisons between him and Elton John JUST because they are both gay. "self sabotage"? OMG give me a break!!! Adam is being himself and he's being absolutely revered and adored because of it. YOU are the one who is missing the big picture honey.


My wife adores this man!!! I've listened to a few songs and WOW this man can SING!!!!! He's vocal techniques are out of the world!


@ianaleah, I think you fail to see the big picture.... ADam is the change that has finally come to the music world. /best singer /entertainer in decades, and a great message to the world... if you can't see that, well that is just sad.