Adam Lambert Gives Major Props to Freddie Mercury

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To many American Idol fans, Adam Lambert is one of a kind.

But appearing on NPR this week, the artist spoke glowingly of former Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, who would have turned 64 this Sunday if he hadn't died from AIDS in 1991, saying that singer was truly unique.

"It was about the music, but he also really captivated the audience because he was so electric. That's why he's an icon because you remembered what he did on stage, he had a presence," said Adam.

Some might consider Lambert - who is touring the nation and recently performed in NYC - the next Mercury, but the man himself says people such as Freddie are absent these days.

"There's definitely something missing in today's music scene," Adam said. "We don't have a lot of men on stage doing flamboyant or theatrical. We have a lot of female pop stars doing it, but where's the classic pop-rock showman?"

Look in the mirror, man. The onus falls on you. Good luck with it!


Adam i truely think if a life storey is made you would be the perfect match youd have to lose alot of weight but you have the voice,You go boi,Later David


Dude I pay tribute to Freddie on his b-day and d-day every year, yes Adam can REMIND me of him but he isn't Freddie Mercury! I'm happy to see that "YES! there is a person in the music industry thats humble." I'm a huge fan of both of them, they're unique, not to mention amazing in their own ways.


They are both unique in their own way. I loved Freddie Mercury for his music and style. I love Adam Lambert the same way.
Freddie will always be with us in his recordings and, Adam is with us now, recording and taking his GlamNation Tour around the country.
I've seen him live and he's 100 times better than his album and I love the album. He does not try to be anyone other than himself. He has a loyal fan base and no fan of his would disrespect Freddie. Just lighten up, as I think if Freddie were here, he'd be rooting for Adam.
Thank you, Adam!


Adam Lambert is the ultimate showman who seems to grab everybody's attention. Behind all the glitz and glamour there is an honest guy who is gutsy enough to show who he is. I admire Adam's spirit just as much as his gift as a tremendous vocalist and performer. Comparing him to Freddy Mercury has been obvious from the beginning, but I would like to stay away from it. Adam Lambert is going to leave his own mark.


Trolls, Trolls, Trolls they are addicted to anything with Adam's name on it and feel compelled to write ignorant comments on every site.Oh well. Just want to say how good the interview with NPR was and thanks for this article too.


I miss you so much every day of my life!


And to the Iceberg **** down there, NO ONE COULD or CAN!


LOL at the morons who completely missed the point of this article thanks to the misleading title. Lambert was one of the guests asked to talk about Freddie Mercury. He was incredibly articulate. Lambert who has a 5 range voice that can hit every note on the guitar with ease, not only has QUEEN's seal of approval who still want to collab with him, he has fans and friends in Slash, Zeppelin, Halford, Spielberg, Burton....list goes on for days. Once you're in his shoes, you're eligible to comment lol.
The kid's headlining his own tour with MJ and Madonna's guitarists. Anyone dissing him just looks foolish. Don't be jealous of universal mad talent and success.


What's with the nastiness? I haven't read OR heard anything Adam said that remotely indicated that he was comparing himself to Freddie Mercury. Other people do. Adam praises your idol,and you make a disgusting remark? Your stupid wise-crack is....well....stupid. Adam is Adam. Freddie was Freddie. Two incredible showmen with fantastic pipes. Each has a place in the music world....what's your problem? There will only be ONE Freddie. There will only be ONE Adam. Unfortunately, there are more like you in the world.


RIP Freddie, and happy birthday. From a huge Freddie fan, a big thanks to Adam for the nice words, I still listen to Freddie everyday.

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