A Royal Rumor: Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Scheduled for August 2011

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Stop us if you've heard this before: Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged and planning an enormous wedding.

The likely nuptials between this royal couple are a popular tabloid topic both overseas and domestically. Sources speculate that over $20 billion will be at stake when vows are eventually exchanged.

Now, The Daily Mail claims to know when the ceremony will take place: on the second weekend of August 2011, as insiders report senior personnel at Westminster Abbey have been alerted to keep that date open for a major event there.

The Prince and the Girlfriend

This iconic building was the venue for Princess Diana's funeral service 13 years ago. Said an anonymous source who works at Westminster Abbey:

"A date has been earmarked for a royal wedding next year... only the most senior personnel here have been privy to the discussions, but my understanding is that the issue was raised when the Queen visited here back in May."

William is scheduled to begin work as a search and rescue pilot late next month.

"To be honest, next summer would be perfect," says a friend. "It's pretty much impossible for them to marry in 2012 due to the Jubilee and the London Olympics, which means that unless they take the plunge next year Kate would have to wait until 2013 to walk down the aisle. She has been very patient so far, but I think that is asking rather too much."

Let's just hope the Prince can keep his lips to himself in the meantime.


Just want to say the first comment I read the person sounds very jeslous kate Middletom is a beautful wome. and they should have very nice looking children. shame on you for saying what you did.


I always thought he would choose someone more glamorous. Oh, well, good luck, kids.


i think this guy can do way better and i dont see what the rush is about he should take his time..


I remember waking up early to watch when Prince Williams parents were married, it was beautiful. Now with the Prince, I so look forward to waking up early for his wedding.

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