A New Low for Michaele and Tareq Salahi

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Just when you thought Michaele and Tareq Salahi couldn't sink any lower...


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    White House party crasher Tareq Salahi will run for governor of Virginia as an "independent Republican."

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    Michaele and Tareq Salahi are free to go about their lives nailing rock stars, crashing parties and so on. They're divorced baby.

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    round and round round and round .liars!! liars!!!


    These people are so ridiculous, and definitely give my town an awful name. I see them at least once a week, trying to act like they're important. I never even give them the time of day or a second glance. I wouldn't give them that, they don't deserve it. Some people could be like OMG, I was standing right beside them last night! But that's what they want, so I always pretend I have no idea who they are...and trust me, that kills them :)


    Why do these scam artists continue to get publicity?. I agree that they should be in jail. It should be perfectly obvious that nothing that comes out of their mouths is truthful. Ignore the idiots.


    If they hosted their OWN premiere party, then it is obvious to someone with a High School Education or even a GED that is was a Salahi event! If they were not privy to the Operational and Management Aspects of the Party, perhaps they leave such matters to their household help?

    Allegedly, guests were told proceeds from the Salahis' party would go to the charity Honor & Remember, whose site states it "recognizes all military lives lost in defense of our national freedoms. However, a representative of that organization says it didn't receive a penny.

    Tickets for the bash cost between $25 and $500. Honor & Remember sources say their charity was promised 40 percent of the profits... and then told there actually weren't any at the end of the evening.


    The Salahis should be put in prison and not on any television show. They are the lowest form of human life. I cannot believe that thet got away with crashing the White House party. He is hideously ugly and she looks like a buck-tooth rabbit.


    These people are scammers and crooks. Bravo shows seam to be as big of frauds as the Salahis'

    Stop rewarding bad behavior and crooks...Boycott these shows and Bravo.


    These two need to be burned at the stake!!!


    your report didn't mention that at this "charity
    event these 2 fraudsters were served court papers from a PR agency which, as usual, the have not paid for services rendered


    Salahi also claims on her webpage that her father is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. A search of records indicates that her father is NOT buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

    Further lies by this scam artist are as follow:

    1. Tareq has been appointed Ambassador of Palestine by the U.S. State Department. The State Department responded that they Do NOT have a position of Ambassador to Palestine.

    2. Salahi claims to have been a Washington Redskin Cheerleader.
    Washington Redskins have no record of her EVER being on the Cheerleading Squad

    3. Salahi claims to be a lobbyist however there are no offical records of her even registering as a Lobbyist

    4. America's Polo Cup is not recognized by any offical Polo League in the World.

    5. Oasis Winery has been closed for over a year now. The only thing that is made at this location are schemes to defraud people, business' and organizations of their money and time.


    "Replied a rep for the world's most pathetic couple: 'This was not a Salahi event. They were not privy to the operational and management aspects of this event, nor were they compensated for their appearance.'"

    Really? Really? Is this more lies from consummate liars?

    FACT: That "charity event" was publicly billed as being co-sponsored by America's Polo Cup. America's Polo Cup is a VA corporation organized and wholly-owned by the Salahis, whose operations, in connection with the Salahis' own purported charity, is currently under investigation for potential charity fraud by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    Excuse me, but if one is a "sponsor" are you not privy to "operational and management aspects"?

    Give me a break.

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