A Boob Job for Miley Cyrus?!?

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We feel dirty even writing about this likely contrived rumor.

But the latest issue of Star magazine forces us to do so, as it claims Miley Cyrus is looking to change up her image even more.

Already strutting around on stage in skimpy outfits and pretending to make out with back-up dancers, "Miley is intent on getting a boob job," the tabloid reports. "She's insisting her parents sign the consent forms, which is required since she is still 17."

The publication's sources say Cyrus wants a bust size equal to that of Holly Madison, who walks around with 36Ds falling out of her shirt.

Not At Her Best

A Holly-ble Thought (and Pun): Does Miley really wants to match chest sizes with Madison?!?

A year ago, we'd have dismissed this report as pure nonsense. But Miley has since made it very clear that she's intent on ditching her wholesome, Disney image.

Breast enhancement surgery would help accomplish that goal, but would it make her the role model she wants to be? And would her parents ever agree to such a procedure?

In a few months, they won't have to. Miley turns 18 on November 23. How scary is that thought?!?


I hate miley. Im being serious. The bitch is a attention seeker


Thankfully, this rumor is false. It's been confirmed that Miley isn't getting implants. It wouldn't be a good idea for her to do that after saying that she wants to be seen as a positive role model. As far as clothing and dance moves go, she has the right to do as she pleases. But it is normal for teenage girls to be discontent with some parts of their bodies, and even to toy with the idea of getting plastic surgery. I'm 18 and I've gone through that, but I'm glad I've never gone under the knife.


ridiculous...the fact that someobe would actually believe this crap makes me laugh...tabloids and gossip bloggers really need to start making up rumors that are more likely to actually happen...that or get a life...it's their choice


How cute---THG has hackers that pose as others and go on here to say ridiculous crap.(nice Safeguards THG)... If there is anyone who has read my actual posts,that buys that I am the one who is supposed to have commented this earlier junk just a couple before this one---please read more carefully and seek help if you still think so after reading it again...I get-it. To whichever loser did this hack-job---go do something worth mentioning. This is like kid's nursery-school pranks or something. Or could it be it's someone I've already debated with,who has got in their feeling's? Someone who couldn't win a straight-up debate,and has reverted to this mindless drivel,attack?? Probably so... I would bet even-money on-it. Lol! Later,loser; Hollywood---out...


Stop putting up this fake crap. Miley Cyrus is not a slut, and haters are wasting their time. She isn't getting a breast implant, this website just hates her so that's why they just decided to do this. Anyone can say a lie, but only some people can say the truth. I rather play on Club Penguin, which I don't really like anymore, than read this stupid crap.




No underwear and Toby was wearing a mullet.I hope the home page about the supernatural narrator I created doesn't twinkle. As far as attacking ALL Americans and my achy breaky heart ,calling them 'pathetic'-That makes YOU a HYPOCRITE. -Funny how the haters say Miley is such a 'terrible' person and yet she's not the one who comes off as a hateful bitch.but underwaer is meant to be worn in public. -that's really Not a smart move on her part. No matter where you're from...History shows that living in a trailer can be dangerous during a tornado..


Mileys a slut. Oh I cant believe this shit.


she wont look prettier by getting implants. this girl has no confidence in herself. otherwise why would she change herself for attention?????? hmm?


i think that miley is putting her selve out their and she shouldnt be so nasty lik cum on r u serouis shes obessed with her selve and byth the way shes not pregnat she told me when she came over. jk


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