A Boob Job for Miley Cyrus?!?

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We feel dirty even writing about this likely contrived rumor.

But the latest issue of Star magazine forces us to do so, as it claims Miley Cyrus is looking to change up her image even more.

Already strutting around on stage in skimpy outfits and pretending to make out with back-up dancers, "Miley is intent on getting a boob job," the tabloid reports. "She's insisting her parents sign the consent forms, which is required since she is still 17."

The publication's sources say Cyrus wants a bust size equal to that of Holly Madison, who walks around with 36Ds falling out of her shirt.

Not At Her Best

A Holly-ble Thought (and Pun): Does Miley really wants to match chest sizes with Madison?!?

A year ago, we'd have dismissed this report as pure nonsense. But Miley has since made it very clear that she's intent on ditching her wholesome, Disney image.

Breast enhancement surgery would help accomplish that goal, but would it make her the role model she wants to be? And would her parents ever agree to such a procedure?

In a few months, they won't have to. Miley turns 18 on November 23. How scary is that thought?!?


Let the girl live for fucks sake she is now 18 if she wants a boob job then let her have one it is her life and she has the money to do so and you Emma don't diss Miley and don't diss monkeys cause by saying shes a ugly monkey it sort a means that you are talking bout yourself so fuck off and Miley get the fuk on with it ya know if you want it then you have it I mean I have looked upto you since I was little and I watch Hannah Montana every single time its on YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!


is nasty, i cannot stand her, i guess shes gonna be fake if she gets a boob job i am gonna laugh at her, she's a sl*t, that is stupid and just wants money, as in money hungry h0e, and your music sucks when you sing live you can't sing live, your stupid


I HOPE it's not true.
@Blaize - she wants to be seen as respectable? This isn't the way to get respect.


Why doesnt she fix her nasty ass teeth first before thinking of boobs wtf?


she doesnt need 1 she looking good enough

Pat wilson lewis

For all of you writting all that crap about Miley--JUST STOP!! If you dont like her then keep it to yourself. Miley, has helped alot of children with the work and money she has donated.She growing up, and unless your closet is spic and span dont diss hers!! We love you Miley and keep up the good work!!


fuck all you people let her live!!!! its her life get over it!!!....you people honestly wish you could have her life STOP FRONTING!!!! BEEZY'S! miley is the shit!!!! YA'LL KNOW IT


wth is with u ppl...since u all hate her so much y go search up on her at this site....y did u even bother 2 read it...go spend yr time on other better things


Hey Miley ya dumb cunt. We all know your confidence is low. But its not your fault your an ulgy monkey.


@Lindsay Lynn: Not Really. This boob rumor is FALSE. And besides, just because a 17 year old wants to dress and dance sexy and explore her sexuality doesn't mean she's growing up too fast. She's out of high school and only a few months away from being an adult.


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I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey.

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