Zac Efron is "So Proud" of Miley Cyrus

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Last month, Miley Cyrus made one of the most confusing, ridiculous comments on record, saying there's a double standard at work between the negative reaction she receives on stage and the praise heaped upon Zac Efron in movies.

However, Miley also showed love for the former High School Musical star, telling Billy Bush:

“Zac has a special place in my heart. If it wasn’t creepy and he wasn’t my friend, I would have posters of him on my wall.”

After being shown this interview, Efron had the following to say to Access Hollywood about Cyrus: “I’ve known her since she was a little girl. It’s amazing what she’s done. She’s blossomed into this beautiful lady and taking the world by storm. I’m so proud of her.”

In other words: Zac is the anti-THG when it comes to Miley Cyrus.

Getting Emotional
Just Being Zac

As he tours the country in promotion of Charlie St. Cloud, meanwhile, Efron stopped by the Mall of America in Minnesota yesterday.

Over 7,000 fans came out to meet and greet this handsome actor. Check out a trio of photos from the event below:

Efron Picture
Happy, Handsome

Tilly, thank you for your intriguing response. You started with a juvenile remark, followed by a complete misunderstanding of my comment, and ended with the assumption that I was a fan of this person. My comment was about the remarks in the article and not the article itself as your comment stated. I guess, in the rash rush to respond, you forgot to think while entering it or it might be a display of a natural lack of comprehending abilities. I do however, want to offer you my sincere gratitude. You see, I was really curious to find out how long it would take for a gullible Hilton Hater cult member to crawl out and man the ramparts. Again, thank you.


Oh shut up Dee, if the articles add nothing why the hell are you reading them... go to Miley Cyrus Lovers or something!!


Bravo! A little variety. In this article your snide remarks are at the beginning. In the previous article they were at the end. In both cases, they add nothing to the article except to illustrate your obsessional hatred for this person. Thank you for providing back to back near perfect examples of an obsessional hatred. It might become a textbook example.

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