Will Roberto Martinez Propose to Ali Fedotowsky?

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The Bachelorette season finale is fast approaching, and there continue to be conflicting accounts as to whether star Ali Fedotowsky is engaged after it.

According to The Bachelorette spoilers we've read, she's single right now. But others, such as Us Weekly, say the finale ends with a ring on her finger.

Of course, both could be independently true.

Following the shocking 180 by Frank Neuschaefer, only Roberto Martinez and Chris Lambton are left vying for Ali's heart - with Roberto the frontrunner.

A new round of Internet reports suggest that Ali does in fact get engaged on the Bachelorette finale to Roberto, while wearing a beautiful gold gown!

Too bad this can't be independently verified.

Ali Fedotowsky, Roberto Martinez

The Bachelorette's Ali and Roberto: Are they engaged?

These same reports suggest that Roberto Martinez will propose to Ali Fedotowsky but just a few weeks after the show, Ali becomes single yet again.

Can you see it? We sort of can. Frank leaving the way he did threw her for a loop, and as infatuated as she is with Roberto, she knows it's a big risk.

We haven't listed sources here for a reason, however.

None are credible enough to warrant a mention. But the "inside" rumors about the Ali-Roberto engagement have been flying in Bachelorette forums.

Will Roberto propose, or is Chris L. ready to shock the fan community by winning her heart? If there is a proposal, do you think Ali is still engaged?

That question remains to be answered. Don't expect tonight's Men Tell All special to shed light on it, either. It's even more filler than most weeks.

Who do you think she should choose?


It's pretty unrealistic to get engaged after knowing eachother 6 weeks on TV. I am not surprised at all this relationship didn't last.


I have seen Ali and Roberto looking for digs in Irvine,CA. I am a realtor and saw them go into a house for sale.


I think Ali wanted Frank in the end. Sadly I think it's a case of (sorry Ali i've done this myself ) wanting something that's just out of reach. I think she sensed it and it made her want him without realizing it. I think if Frank had let go completly, without reservation, Ali would've been able to make a better choice. Why do we so many times, want what's bad for us?
Btw I bet Frank still isn't sure


J Kimmel.... everything you just said makes you trashy... not Ali and not Roberto.


This is silly. The entire blogosphere has known for months that Ali chooses neither Roberto nor Chris. She was madly in love with Frank, planned to give him the final rose from day one, and when he dumped her for his ex, Ali had nothing left for anyone else and chose no one at the end. Why even pose this question on the Internet? Anyone who would read about the Bachelorette on the web already knows all the spoilers.


Why would a white girl want to marry a guy named Roberto Martinez?! Yes, Ali is white trash, but she's still white i.e. a step above Hispanic.


I think chris would be the right guy for ali.And make roberto the next bachelor. Chris is all about family and love motions and consere

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