Vienna Girardi vs. Jake Pavelka: The TV Showdown of the Century

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As their tumultuous and utterly predictable split continues to play out in public, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi will discuss it Monday on The Bachelorette.

The duo sat down with their former host-pimp Chris Harrison to talk about the split for the July 5 segment, and let's just say it's as ugly as it is contrived.

A sneak peek of the interview reveals no big Bachelorette spoilers - just dueling accusations and blaming one another for the demise of a fake relationship.

Asked why they made the breakup so public, Vienna said: "Either way, our relationship had been public. No matter how we broke up, this had to happen."

Right. There was no other option.

A Vienna and Jake Pic

"The world was going to want to know," she said. "I know Jake and I knew as soon as we broke up he was going to run to a media outlet and tell his side. I just wanted to make sure I had a voice also. I haven't had a voice this entire time."

Jake responds ... well, presumably. The clip we have here doesn't show that part, but he reportedly gets so pissed at her that makes a fist at Vienna at one point.

Girardi's accusations are consistent with what she's been saying all along, though - that he's a fame whore who misled her. Dude doesn't even put out!

There's also the rumor that Jake isn't into girls, but we'll leave that alone for now. Follow the jump for a sneak preview of the couple on The Bachelorette ...

Whose side are you on in this incredibly important, high-stakes drama?


the other girls in the house were jealous, vicious, serority girls!!! What show did you watch L???
As much as people may not have liked Vienna's background,etc...


When you put yourself out there, you are going to be on display for all to see, so your choices in life are critical. Jake has made this choice and now suffering the consequences. Jake just could not accept what the other girls where warning him about Vienna and he ignored it or he just did not want to accept it. Vienna has shown herself to be a jealous person and a chameleon, so she can get whatever she wants, no matter who or what gets in her way. JAKE WAKE UP! Just let Vienna's hurricane of rantings just blow out. FIND SOMEONE THAT HAS MORE SUBSTANCE, MORALS AND CHARACTER AND WORTHY OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. You may want to stay away from publicity. The best thing that could happen to you is that you do not have to deal with Vienna anymore.


Vienna, go back to where you came from and get a life (besides those like you).


slut v. slut


We all know why they broke up. Fake relationship from the get go. So why do we have to have a special about this????

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