Vienna Girardi vs. Jake Pavelka: The TV Showdown of the Century

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As their tumultuous and utterly predictable split continues to play out in public, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi will discuss it Monday on The Bachelorette.

The duo sat down with their former host-pimp Chris Harrison to talk about the split for the July 5 segment, and let's just say it's as ugly as it is contrived.

A sneak peek of the interview reveals no big Bachelorette spoilers - just dueling accusations and blaming one another for the demise of a fake relationship.

Asked why they made the breakup so public, Vienna said: "Either way, our relationship had been public. No matter how we broke up, this had to happen."

Right. There was no other option.

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"The world was going to want to know," she said. "I know Jake and I knew as soon as we broke up he was going to run to a media outlet and tell his side. I just wanted to make sure I had a voice also. I haven't had a voice this entire time."

Jake responds ... well, presumably. The clip we have here doesn't show that part, but he reportedly gets so pissed at her that makes a fist at Vienna at one point.

Girardi's accusations are consistent with what she's been saying all along, though - that he's a fame whore who misled her. Dude doesn't even put out!

There's also the rumor that Jake isn't into girls, but we'll leave that alone for now. Follow the jump for a sneak preview of the couple on The Bachelorette ...

Whose side are you on in this incredibly important, high-stakes drama?


Short story. If Jake had chosen Gina or Tenley, he would have risked the possibility of actually falling in love. That was never what he was there for. He knew he could never fall for Vienna so she was a safe bet...a stepping stone to get to where he wanted to be. I'm not a fan of Vienna, but I think she got a raw deal.


i was happy that they broke up. they both loved, loved the limelight. he wanted to be a actor and a pilot what was wrong with that,like, travolta, and they did well for many years.she was a spoiled bratty kid. she wanted it all. no one forced her to stay, it was her choice.she hated l.a. and did not want to go back to fla. to ex beaus etc. etc.she became famous because of jake.if playboy called her, she would fly to the mansion.she received free rent, clothes, food, dog vets ,dog food, shows .she acted dumb toward jake and took advantage of him all the way to the bank.he did not know how to handle her. she made a ass out of him in public.i hope he learned his lesson.her famous words from the show, was i dont care what he does as long he comes home to me.grow up vienna.shame on you.


Oh, poor Vienna....your crocodile tears is such a turn off. You are getting what you deserve. You dished the other girls and bragged.....I am going to get him.... Well, you did and he found you out and now you are trying to back pedal to avoid being made accountable for YOUR OWN ACTIONS, not Jake's (he is not perfect but at least he shows some class). Vienna stay out of the lime-light, and get on with your life. ((I am 59 and would not want any of my son's being involved with you.))


what a bunch of rubbish. that girl is a complete nut case. "no job, no money, no car" and that dog!?.. "I wanted to go home..." jake replies: "you were free to get a job, have money, buy a car and go home". exactly.. I like how later she said "I dont want to go back home because its a small town and everyone turned their back on me"... that pretty much says it all. and lets be real, most men would do/say far worse given those circumstances... I think raising his voice was most definitely called for. telling a man that his directions are wrong and handyman work is bad..not to mention "kiss me! kiss me kiss me!!" not a good formula for success. LOL


Vienna is childish, insecure, and immature. And Jake is an arrogant control freak, who showed contempt for Vienna. Which is worse? I'll take "immature" any day over "arrogant" and contemptuous.


hi: I would love for Jake to read this. Let Vienna go, first off, she's too young, immature and into herself too much. You are a guy, you unfortunatley got caught up in her good looks and fake personality, everyone saw it from the beginning, but that doesn't make you a bad person. Your fame increased, and that's great for you, if she was truly in love with you, she would have been right there waiting for you. Jake, seriously, I can read you, you are a down to earth guy, who deserves a classy, fun girl, someone with an education and loves you for who you are. Don't listen to the tabloids and ever, ever doubt yourself. You come from a good family, and the apple doesn't fall from the tree. Reach to the skies, take some time for yourself, and all will fall in place. Trust in God. You are a good guy. Vienna needs to grow up, be more mature and explore the world, she was not the one for you. All the best, Jake.
From, a Canadian housewife, aged 46 with two sons....


who cares about her stupid dog???


Mike, your a typical man. Life is so simple...isn't it??


love in richmond, some things even on reality shows are real?? Duh, look at Trista and Ryan!! Your stupid.


what makes people automatically think everything is Vienna's faulth?? How many shows have we seen Jake on???? The way he talks to her on the interview is a bit belittling. Tells her, "why are you raisnig your voice." Probably because she's upset by his accusations. I personally think there's a bit of truth to BOTH sides. I think Jake was right, she didn't have to sell him out by going to the Media, but on the other hand, I can see with all the garbage that's been printed about her, how she would want to get out there and tell her side of the story first. She always stayed silent with all the bad comments about her. I think they BOTH like the fame tho. So, really it's the pot calling the kettle black thing.

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