Vienna Girardi to Jake Pavelka: You're a Fake Liar!

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It was already a he said, she said battle for the ages, but find a hat, then hold the f*%k onto it, 'cause Vienna Girardi is really taking it to Jake Pavelka now.

In a new clip from Monday's episode of The Bachelorette, which will feature a joint interview with the formerly engaged couple, she drops this bomb on him:

"You are the biggest fake liar I've ever met in my entire life."

BAM. Talk about getting owned. But Jake, not to sit there and be humiliated, snaps back, "Who's the guy you had on Saturday night at the apartment?"

That would be Greek star Gregory Michael, whose name is bleeped out in the clip, and whose affair with Vienna was supposedly the last straw for Jake.

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Pic

Jake and Vienna in "happier" times. [Photo:]

On Good Morning America Friday, host-pimp Chris Harrison admits their first face-to-face encounter since their split was "definitely contentious."

In the first clip released yesterday, Girardi, a former Hooters waitress, defends herself for selling details about their love life to a tabloid, claiming she had to.

"Jake felt really betrayed that she sold these very intimate stories," Harrison adds. "That's where it got heated. Jake really takes offense that he was sold out."

Among those stories he was so upset: That while we've all seen Vienna Girardi nude or close to it, Jake had no interest in hitting that for months on end!

Follow the jump for to see the fake couple bicker for yourself:

Whose side are you on in the Breakup of the Century?


From the beginning of the Bachelor, I don't like Vienna...a liar,drama king she cries for nothing...the girls doesn't like her and some girl's told Jake about Vienna but Jake didn't Jake it's too late, you should listened to the girls.


Maybe Jake was jealous that he didn't have the gay friend. I hate to be sexist but he's had this woman for at least 6 months and can't seem to get something going in the bedroom with her??!!
And come on.. Big Bad Vienna was undermining him?? And she had to BEG him to kiss her?? Guy is a LOSER!! All I could picture was him leaning over a banister and crying when he narc'd on the weasal from Texas to Jillian. School on a class.


Wouldn't a 'fake liar' be someone who tells the truth but seems to lie? I really don't see the big surprise that he wouldn't want to hit what everyone else already did. Don't want to get the STDs.


She looks like a less attractive drag queen! Maybe Jake picked her cause she looked like a man in drag!


horse face.......but very hot shirt.

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