Vienna Girardi: Sexy, Single, Stepping Out

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Jake Pavelka who?

She claims all she wanted to do was move home to Florida and get out of the spotlight, but a newly-single Vienna Girardi hit the town Saturday in Hollywood.

"I"m moving on with my life and I'm not looking back," a smiling Vienna told Radar Online at the Carrera Sunglasses Escape event at the Chateau Marmont.

With a positive attitude and without that stiff she used to be engaged to, she said "I'm really excited about just living on my own and being happy again."

Surrounded by friends, as well as some other celebrities like Nicole Richie, Vienna Girardi certainly looked pretty in a white tank top and skinny black jeans.

Single Vienna Girardi

CLEAR FOR TAKEOFF: Vienna left that prude Jake at baggage claim and is getting on with her life. Probably for the best. [Photo:]

"It's great to be out with my girlfriends hanging out. We all have so much fun," said the airheaded bubbly 23-year-old. "I'm happy to have my smile back."

The sadness seen during the tear-filled interview on The Bachelorette last week? Long gone. "It's been a long time and I'm really ready to live my life again."

No word if her sex emails to Lee Smith have led to a reconciliation, but she's landed a marketing job at Biolustre and is enthusiastic about the opportunity.

"It's fantastic, I'm really enjoying everything I get to do," she says ... and certainly couldn't have said the same during her engagement to Jake. ZING!

Whose side are you on?


Jake was right to get rid of her. No man is good enough for this skank. Go home Vienna, you are so not in these people world. You want to be but your aren't. Whose the fame wh*&( now. I always knew it was you. Jake may have wanted to be in acting and so what if he did, its better that wh&*(& yourself around town. Go home.


She is NOT a celebrity - reporters call these people celebrities just like Jersey Shore cast members ect. they are NOT celebrities - I am not sure what to call them, but I sure wouldn't pay money to see any of them do anything. As long as the press gives them "celebrity" status we have to put up with seeing them all over the place. Please stop giving them their 15 minutes of fame so they can go away.


She looks like a guy in drag!





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forget this crossed eyed chick one of you gossip writers needs to fill us in on the dream cheating on christina millian!!!


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Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi
Vienna Girardi is a contestant on the 14th season of The Bachelor, pining for hunky Jake Pavelka along with 24 other aspiring trophy... More »
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