Vienna Girardi: Jake Pavelka "Must Be Gay"

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Jake Pavelka’s sexual orientation has been a hotly debated topic since The Bachelor star's very public breakup with his airhead fiance Vienna Girardi.

Long before the rumors surfaced Jake is not into girls, Vienna was already making comments to that effect, blaming it for the pair's lack of intimacy.

Vienna Girardi, Friend

“Who wouldn’t want to touch me? He’s obviously gay,” Vienna told her ex-boyfriend, Brian Lee Smith, while she was still living with Jake Pavelka.

News that Jake refused to put it to Vienna during the final six months of their relationship, which only lasted about six months, was widely reported.

He didn't even really deny this during their recent TV smackdown, either, awkwardly saying there's more to relationships than physical intimacy.

Yeah ... like starring on every possible reality show. Pavelka later asked why he would want to be intimate with a woman who undermines him.

We know Jake wouldn't put out. The only question is why, and the true answer to this reality TV mystery may never be revealed. [Photo:]

Remeasuring the furniture after he already had? Unforgivable.

But back to the topic at hand. According to Lee Smith, Vienna had some very harsh words for her then-fiance: “He cries too much like a b!tch!”

“I really think he’s gay.”

Jake has emphatically denied that he is gay, but "abstained from sex" for religious reasons after they started their relationship ... supposedly.

Toward the end of their whirlwind engagement, Vienna started to re-think her opinions. Maybe he's not gay, just a fake liar fame whore!

“He might not be gay, but he seems to only care about his career. I don’t want to hurt him. I just want to end things,” Vienna told Smith.


Who wouldn't wanna touch Vienna Girardi? Have you got a coupla years?


Move on Jake-there are plenty of good women out here!!


If she just wants it to end why doesn't she shut up - it is ridiculous for her to think that she is all that because she's not - maybe he just wasn't that into her. I think they are probably both looking for fame otherwise why would they have went on a program to find a partner? There are plenty of people out there that want to get married, you don't have to go on tv to try to find one - these people need to move on with their lives.


He didn't want to catch anything with that skank. Its a shame his reputation is in question, when it clearly should be hers. I haven't seen jake hanging out in night clubs or taking nude pics for the camera. Please let this bitches 15 min of fame go away.


Why cuz he didn't want to FUCK a WHORE???!!! LMAO

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