Vanessa Marcil and Carmine Giovinazzo: Married!

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Actress Vanessa Marcil was not to be outdone by her ex Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox, with whom the former 90210 star recently tied the knot.

She got remarried too!

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A rep for the actress confirms to E! News that Marcil tied the knot with CSI: NY star Carmine Giovinazzo over the weekend. Congratulations to both!

Last weekend was apparently the weekend of choice for weddings.

"They are married," said a rep for Marcil, who was also married to Corey Feldman earlier in life. But the actress has only one son, and it's with Green.

Speaking of which, eight-year-old Kassius attended the wedding, bearing witness to one of his parents' marriages for the second time in under a month.

That's gotta be weird!

Marcil and Giovinazzo swapped vows in New York on Sunday night with family and friends. No exes or their superstar new wives present. Go figure.


Vanessa you have to be the luckiest woman alive carmine is fabulous but I'm sure you already know that, he was supposed to marry me damn it but oh well I guess I can get over that, I wish you the world of happiness and treat him well vanessa he deserves it


Carmine and Vanessa Giovinazzo, love it. i wish you two the best {late} but sincere. girl you got a hottie!!! let us without one know how hot ? lol i knew that name {GIOVINAZZO} when i saw the credits on gh, awww i'm a old lady but remember the dayz, Ronnie Milsap, has a song "it don't hurt to dream" do the real thing. BOTH OF YOU! live it, and know the grass is not Green er :) on the other side of the fence. CHEESE............ ;) I don't think you're trying to outdo anyone TA DA ? you just do/did?. GoodLuck


Vanessa--You seem like a charming person. I hope you are really happy in your marriage. He seems like a sweet guy.


okay lauren for one, if she is such a great actress then why is it that in show she does she plays the same freaking kind of character??? thats cuz she can only do one type, such a great actress, BS! o nu tell me to get a life yet u seem to b obsessed with a f*cking show. its jst tv. damn sounds like u need to get a life and stop trying to act like gh is such a big deal, its a shhhoooww!!! i dnt like megan fox either but sounds like ur hater on her. so wat does tht mean ur an ugly pig 2?! i also think that Carmine is a hottie so dnt act like vanessa is out of his league or something. cuz shes not!! n u got so heated over a comment that was posted. wat an idiot u sound like an annoying ass b*tch.


Congratulations and best wishes to you. Vanessa, I'm so happy you are back on GH. It's going to be a "great ride." I can't wait to watch all the fun. We've missed you. Thanks for coming back.


Congrads. I have loved watching both of you in CSI NY and LV. Take care of each other and work thru the rough spots. I am on yr 43. Ups and downs, rough spots, give & take enough to make it this far.


i hate that he married her. i have never liked her and i feel that he could do so much better. i doubt that the marriage will even last she has horrible luck with guys. i hope Carmine knows what he has gotten into.


Hi Vanessa! Congratulations on your marriage into our family! We can't wait to meet you at the family reunion!!!! I am a big fan of yours. Watched you on GH for the whole time you were on. So glad you're coming back!!! See ya in November!


CONGRATULATIONS! Carmine and Vanessa you make a beautiful couple. And Vanessa as an Italian I can honestly say they know how to love, respect and make their wives very happy, but Carmine I'm sure you already know how lucky you are too! I wish you both many years of love and happiness. "Salute Per Cento Anni !".(Carmine-translate LOL) Best Wishes,


im sooooooo sad because he was supposed to marry ME!! oh well... i guess i have to be happy for him...
:) ...
:( WAAAAAAA!!!!! vanessa, you've gotta be the luckiest woman on earth!!