Tiger Woods Shows F-ing Respect For Golf

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That whole schpiel about having more respect for golf in Tiger Woods' public mea culpa? As insincere and manufactured as his pre-sex scandal image.

Not that he's Mel Gibson, but when he unleashes a string of vulgarities like he did at the British Open this weekend, it can't help his public perception.

The guy had no problems finding the hole for years - if you know what we mean! - but he's struggling now! We mean his putting is way below average.

Woods, who finished tied for 23rd and has not won a tournament in 2010, is heard berating himself in the clip below: "Why the f--k did you do that?"

Pretty much what Elin Woods has been asking all year.


Thank you Samantha-my point exactly!!!


Gee, what happened to Tiger's promise to behave better, to not be rude, etc.? Didn't he say he was going to go back to his "Buddhist roots" ?? lolol He doesn't know the first thing about Buddhism. One of their rules is to not speak harshly (which includes not cussing). There was a time when the "F" word was not used in polite society, in public. Tiger shows he has no class, and what's he doing talking to himself? He's so weird. I laughed and laughed when I saw the video of him missing when the hole was just a foot or two away. Too funny.


Give us all a break regarding the fact that Tiger swears or gets pissed when he screws up a shot. Obviously the people that worry about this stuff don't play any kind of sports. Every single person that plays a sport to win and messes up gets pissed off and likely swears. It has nothing at all to do with respecting the game you are playing. Put a mic on all the other players and you WILL get a very rude awakening. Give the guy a f@#king break. Or maybe just start watching ping pong or something.


You know I would get over it if he didn't make such a big FUCKING deal about being a better person and all that SHIT!!


Get over it - if the networks did not put mics on Tiger whenever he plays in a tourney then they would not have a problem. Do any of the other golfers have them also. This is a NON news story. But then this keeps your website going doesn't it?


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