Tiger Woods: Frustrated, Distracted

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Finishing 14 shots back and in a tie for 46th place at the AT&T National tournament this past weekend, Tiger Woods is clearly not playing his best golf.

There's a reason for that, and the legend took a rare moment to disclose his feelings to the press. What did we get from the famously private star?

That he's "frustrated."

Understandably so. His golf comeback has netted some decent rounds, but no titles, and a big part of that can be traced to his imminent divorce.

Various Tiger Woods divorce reports have fueled speculation, as the disgraced golfer's breakup is all but official, and he was having a rough week.

He offered this cryptic comment at a news conference after a bad round: "Outside the ropes there are certainly still distractions. It is what it is."

NO LOVE: Tiger Woods' putter hasn't been active lately.

Sources say Elin Woods will be bound by a confidentiality agreement as part of the divorce, while Woods can't bring any girlfriends around their kids.

The two will share legal custody of their two children, although Elin will have primary physical custody as she works out visitation schedules with Tiger.

She is set to receive a $100 million settlement as well.

Woods didn't offer any comment on the proceedings after the AT&T National, though he did acknowledge his desire to put his mistakes behind him.

"You're not always going to go through life perfect. No one does," he said. "When you make a mistake, step up to the plate and take ownership of it."

"I think everyone has had distractions in their lives [but] I think that my life out here on tour is becoming more normalized," he told the media.


Why can't these athletes hold off on marriage
until their playing careers are finished?


Heloise get lost ...... When little Woody get trashed everybody is furious but when Elin is called whore or gold digger it's a different story.
Sorry idiot but the blame belongs to you super hero like it or not.
Nobody forced him to stray to that extent. If he had kept it in his pants he wouldn't have to face such nasty comments.
Heloise i owe you nothing nothing....... Now go back to your miserable life like all the Woody's lovers. You are beyond pathetic if you think he cares about you. This is the most arrogant self centered abject man I have seen in a long time.


Tiger Woods is a narcissistic person with no morals. Elin and the children will be much better off not being around him. A good father does not trash his children's mother as he did.


TO ken cutrell: Sorry I am not like Kim K.! He is nothing special and I wouldn't trample over anyone to get to him, THANKS BUT NO THANKS!! He can have his WHORES but not me!!


Someone said Tiger is like a dog in heat. Well that may be true, but my guess is if this dog wagged his tail a great deal of you so called upstanding ladies would trample each other trying to get a piece if it even you LIZ. Or if your daughters brought him home you ask for his autograph.


Heloise, yuo are an intolerant insolent for not respecting the opinions of others!!! The problem with Tiger's die hard fans like you is that they are deaf, blind and dumb to accept the thuth!!!


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tiger has no morals.. bottom line!!


CLB and Tricia - nice to see you spreading your anti-Tiger venom all over the web. Get over it girls - he owes you nothing.


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