Tiffany Comes to Defense of Miley Cyrus, Says Singer is Acting "Appropriately"

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What inappropriate, desperate, pathetic image?!?

According to former pop star Tiffany, Miley Cyrus is doing nothing wrong in her attempt to reshape her image and find a more mature audience.

"Miley Cyrus is on a great track," the singer told Us Weekly over the weekend. "I know that there are a lot of people that say 'well, when you are so young you shouldn't be sexy.' [But] I think that in today's world you kind of have to be [sexy] to be competitive in the market.

"I think that she is doing  it appropriately.  And it's always a fine line there."


Tiffany, who posed for Playboy in 2002, concluded:

"I'm a huge fan of hers. I think she's gonna have a long career. Her parents are guiding her right, and it really matters what base you have around you.  Very much so."

It's safe to say Taylor Momsen doesn't agree with Tiffany. Do you?


@back in kansas said:
"Tiffany and Mylie are trailer trash hoes...If not would not have come out naked in Playboy..." Wait...she came out naked in Playboy??? What was she thinking?! Can't she get in trouble for that?! Oh wait, isn't that sort of their bread and butter? Oh ok, nevermind.


Yeah, Tyra she is just a used teenager who is going down very soon, great.... we are going to enjoy this show!!


l agree with @Hotnights in Palestine, think about it guys... do you really think Miley goes and chooses the outfits she wears??? I doubt if she does, her manager whoever that person is is the one to blame, Miley is just a teenager who is being exploited by grownups to make money... she is talented and we cant deny that because she really has made it, l personally think given her own choice Miley would prefer to go good girl route. But l blame her parents, they should look after and watch her. ever since long ago they havent really cared, how else would you explain the Vanity Fair thing???


I agree with Randy jackson's butt ,Tiffany and Mylie are trailer trash hoes...If not would not have come out naked in Playboy and the other one would not have stepped out of a car wearing no underwear and lets not forget the achy breaky heart with a mullet. Disney should proud.


"She Modeled For Playboy Of Course She Sees Nothing Wrong With Miley.!!
A Slut Defending A Hoe.!!" Jealous? You're jealous. Most girls don't have a problem with Playboy. If they did, I doubt 'The Girls Nextdoor' wouldn't have had such a huge female fanbase outranking men who dig that show. Miley is annoying as hell, but I don't think she's a hoe. I think she's just dull. Do you honestly believe that she picks out the outfits and calls the shots? She's probably totally fine with it, but I think it's because she's a stupid teen, not a hoe. I don't think it's right that she's 17 and wearing this stuff, but seriously, people just want to rant about something and have found a good outlet for it...once innocent Disney starlett, now mainstream popstar wearing something that shouldn't be for kids. This isn't news.


I am so glad that the star of "Mega Pirahna" gave her seal of approval. Maybe her costar Barry Williams will as well?


what is a tiffany and why is it defending the how bagg.?


She Modeled For Playboy Of Course She Sees Nothing Wrong With Miley.!!
A Slut Defending A Hoe.!!


Is Tiffany the 80s trailer trash defending the knickers incident.


no she is a terriable person and i hat her sooooo much


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