THG Fashion Choice of the Week: Kim Kardashian

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Man, why do we ever make fun of Kim Kardashian?!?

Granted, the celebrity has no talent and is only famous because she allowed an aspiring hip hop artist to film the pair having sexual intercourse.

But she also seems mostly aware of these facts and, therefore, doesn't try to act, sing or do much at all except wear sexy outfits. Case in point, from this week: her one-piece at the AMP Energy Bullrun Rally.

Now, at an event for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami, the reality star essentially donned lacy lingerie in public. Check out Kim's outfit below, as she poses with her sisters and even with Selena Gomez:

Kim's mission is clear: Reggie revenge! She's obviously accomplished it.


Yea Sara have no worries-I hate Kenda as much as I hate Kim. No discrimination going on here :)


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I really love that dress Kim is rocking!!


im a big fan of kim i even have a booty like her i get mad when peolpe pick on her i mean i know we're not perfect why do yall got to pick on celebs look what happen to britney and liz lohan


@sara: We pick on Kendra ALL the time. See here:
http://www.thehollywoodgossip.... Have no worries, we'll equal opportunity sex tape bashers.


whydon't yall get off about her and ray j did a sex tape pick on kendra im so fucking tired of it

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