The Wrong View: Talk Show Under Fire for HIV-Related Comments

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This is a first: The View is facing controversy, and it's NOT over something Elisabeth Hasselbeck said.

In fact, that conservative commentator - whose most recent example of opinionated nonsense involved a shot at Erin Andrews - has nothing to do with why GLADD is taking aim at this ABC talk show.

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Instead, the organization has its sights set on Sherri Shepherd and D.L. Hughley, the June 22 guest host. On that date, the pair talked about the influx of HIV among African-Americans and blamed it on gay black men that were in the closet, aka "on the down low."

"When you look at the prevalence of HIV in the African American community, it's primarily young women who are getting it from men who are on the down low," Hughley said.

Added Shepherd, offering no data to back up her assertion: "It's so big in the black community with women because they're having sex with men who have been having sex with men."

In response, GLADD has taken out a full-page ad in Variety that reads:

"The Centers for Disease Control has publicly disproven this myth. And since June 22, thousands of people have written to ABC, asking that The View provide correct information to viewers. Unfortunately, those requests have been greeted with silence from both ABC and The View."

Panelists on the show are known for expressing their opinions and have the right to speak their minds, of course. But when making grand claims such as the one above, it would nice if they relied on facts to support their statements.

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There are statistics that prove what DL Hughely and Sherri Shepard were referring to in the episode mentioned above. In fact, Oprah Winfery had a guest appear on her show once that was living 'On the Down Low", and there was an episode of "Law and Order:Special Victims Unit" that dealt with the situation as well. Unfortunately it does happen, though I'm sure that's not only one way that AIDS/HIV is spreading rapidly amongst African American Women. As far as the comment about Sherri being "ghetto", however, THAT is definitely an opinion- and a very immature and ignorant one at that. This is one topic that she had an idea of what she was talking about, being that it is discussed amongst the African American community from time to time. Please don't judge her or DL Hugely- just pray for a cure and help to prevent this disease from spreading any further.


I used to do outreach for prevention of HIV and AIDS and that is exactly some of the information we taught. It is factual information, but doesnt cover all the contracted, there is gay men, men who sleep with women who sleep with other men, men who sleep with women and then sleep with other men. Thts just part truth, but its TRUE!! The sad thing is these guys who are on the down low dont consider themselves gay and would deny it if people found out. How could you get conclusive and accurate info. if people LIE so much!


We need to understand how and why black women are still dying at such an alarming rate. In 2005, 78% of all new AIDS cases were black women. They are not obtaining this through intravenous drug use, but through heterosexual contact. This is FACT. Not fiction. Unprotected sex with infected men.


truth hurts.


DL (Down Low) Hugley should be ashamed of himself, putting out such ignorant trash. It's now no wonder CNN decided he cheapened every correspondant, journalist and reporter they had on staff by giving his type of stupidity airtime. For that, I thank you, CNN. I will say that DL seemed to be an expert on being "down-low". In the clip he's wearing big glasses, make up and lipgloss; flopping his hands around like all the other females. I wouldn't be suprised if he's getting his pleasure-portal punished by some big black brutha. Down-low, stay off the air!!! I am glad that Goldberg and Walters had the good sense to be absent this day.


Sherri Shepherd is a fat stupid beyotch who doesn't have the intelligence to correctly finish a sentence. Is anyone surprised this ghetto trash would say something stupid? She is on the show to bring in the sistas and get some of the Jerry Springer crowd. Anyone with intelligence would never watch this wig wearing "comedienne". Of course, I am sure Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will keep quiet on this one…we wouldn’t want them to stand up for something that actually made sense, even if it does benefit the black community that they have accurate information.


Peter Jennings said the same thing. 'Out of Control: AIDS in Black America'


The View is a show that gives a platform for ultra liberal beliefs. We have Sheri talking about things she has no info on. (This is a woman who didn't know the world was round). Joy, please. If you don't agree with her, see how this liberal will attack you and not let you expand your ideas. Elizabeth, in my estimation nor capable of expressing conservative ideas with any real smarts. They should have Laura Ingraham, as an example, to speak with some morsal of intelligence. The show is a joke. I no longer watch nor do my friends, liberals and conservatives. It is not an exchange of ideas. It is, unfornately, quite mean spirited. In this era of rudeness, who needs it.


Leona has to be either clueless, or just such an ignorant bigit. Elizabeth is out guned 4 to one- how can she ever hear herself talk lady?? the show is a liberal show- she is there for counterpoint and and to allow the others to rant to their true audience- --libs!
As usual, there is nothing liberal about a liberal- the most one sided group on the planet. You can say anything about conservatives, but just don't mention the opposit views. That's not LIBERALISM, that's one sided crap for people that love to make excuses for their so, so obvious short commings.


to Richard_F: You are exactly right about Elisabeth not being given a chance to talk. Joy is so afraid that Elisabeth is going to say something against her precious Obama that she (Joy) will shut Elisabeth up before she can get a sentence out. Even if what Elisabeth is saying is factual. It appears that only Joy's views are correct and all she is is a "bully bitch". I have quit watching because they all discuss me the way they treat Elisabeth, even Barbara. Then after a fierce lashing towards Elisabeth they all act as if she is their very best girlfriend and everything is coming up roses. Ugh!! utter disqust. What two-faces they are.