The Wrong View: Talk Show Under Fire for HIV-Related Comments

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This is a first: The View is facing controversy, and it's NOT over something Elisabeth Hasselbeck said.

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    Joy Behar is not stupid. She's an ex school teacher!! Also, Whoopi is conservative..not really that radical! Phil Donahue was a radical!!


    Dan, that's what's great about the show..Lisa Ling was on the view tries to reach different's just they want intelligent people on after Rosie O'Donnell and her rants and wierd 911 that was a messed up person..makes Whoopi look like Saint Whoopi!! What's a little lower than a Saint for Sherie and Joy..and Elizabeth she's just wierd!!


    Richard and Don that's why "The View" is for women with women on!! We don't expect for you a man to get it! I love Sheri Shepherd..she has a sweet spirit! Love you Shereeeeee!!!!


    The view does not need to go! Somedays it's worth watching, somedays it's not!! I'm glad there's 2 blacks on the show!! Elizabeth could be replaced with a Jew!! Just needing some variety!!


    And that low down, down low man was white! It is pervasive.


    The View is a bunch of fools but as someone who almost was infected by a down low man who is now dying of HIV it is TRUE! GLAAD stop making excuses for bad behavior.


    This isn't the first time the women from the VIEW let their mouths run about something they have no knowledge on. The original VIEW team seemed to share qualities such as intelligence, experience, and humor (excluding Joy). This team is a bunch of women who like to hear themselves talk. The show needs to go.


    Since HIV doesn't seem to be infecting white women at the same rate as black women, I suppose that means there are no down low white men or down low black men who have sex with white women??? Bottom line is, if she cares about herself, no woman should be having unprotected sex with a man she's not married to. Using terms like "down low" and placing blame to somehow scare black men into not having sex with other men hasn't worked and is never going to work. Both men and women need to stand up and take responsibility and protect themselves, no matter who they are having sex with.


    What was discussed on the view is simply accurate regarding the "down low" lifestyle. Part of the definition of "down low" is that the men who are secretly having sex with other men are less likely to use protection, therefore perpetuating the spread of STDs such as HIV. Not using protection is part of the facade...they are living in a delusional fantasy world where they can convince themselves the encounter didn't happen and they can just go one with their lives. A "What happens in Vegas..." mentality. Except it doesn't stay "in Vegas" it spreads among our population, male, female, black, white, hispanic etc. Know your status and your potential partners status BEFORE engaging in any kind of sex, protected or otherwise.


    What the View said was correct. It may upset the ignorant liberals who don't want to hear this kind of thing, but that's too bad. In order to get rid of HIV then we need to outlaw butt fucking.

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