Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: The Aftermath

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Hey, New Jersey residents, have you thanked Danielle Staub yet for putting your state on the map?


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    I think Danny is a jerk. He thinks he's a tough guy, but he isn't. I've seen tougher guys than that in my day. I think he wants to sleep with Danielle. Get hot between the sheets with her. Why is he taking Danielle to a kickboxing class? Who does she think she's going to get into a fight with? She's white, rich, and a woman, and she's using that to her advantage. And she talks about Karma? She should take her own advice.


    To Katy: Do you remember when the Manzo's were having a party at there house and Danielle was pissed that she was not invited so she was on her way with her daughters and they had to talk her out of making a complete fool of herself??!! Danielle is the one that has the issues and LOVES the drama! She is like a little kid who needs attention whether it is good or bad.
    If you would like to complain to Bravo I imagine you could go to there website and email them. I am sure you are not the first to dislike these people.


    Gabriella is the beauty of the 3 girls (don't know what the youngest looks like yet). She resembles more her father than her mother.
    Is it me, the editing or what, but Theresa seems that she spends more time with Gia than the other girls.


    The very best and most hilarious thing I heard out of Danielle mouth was when she said "I believe I have a pretty firm grasp on reality!" Honestly I fell off my bed laughing! She is DELUSIONAL!!!!!


    I am so tired of seeing Danielle taking center stage on the New Jersey Houswives. If this program continues as it has been recently with all this violence and all these low class people (meaning Danielle and her friends) I will not be watching this show again. I'll watch the court scenes; but after that, if Danielle is the main character, then I am done!!!!!!


    I am over the Jersey teen queens this show is not fun anymore I will not be watching and if D.C. turns our to be this kind of @#$%
    I will not be watching it either.


    This show makes me sick. Bravo needs to take all these B!TCH$ off the network. Teresa has a problem and so does Danielle. IF Bravo wants to start a different show with just them--and KIM G--so be it. I am DONE!


    where do we write to tell Bravo to take this show off..I may stop watching the others if they don't drop this...or get a new set. This is embarrassing and really scary


    I am amazed during your commentary that you never mentioned that Teresa has anger management issues. She created all this mess with the drama at the event. I watched the show, and we all saw Teresa bolting out after Danielle. We also saw that Kim invited Danielle to the show knowing full aware of what she was doing. Also, I feel sorry for Jacqueline to a degree, but she also needs to get a better grip on her daughter. You cannot touch another person and think it is okay. Bottom line, the film shows it was harrasement on Teresa and Jacqueline's daughter part. They will lose in court.


    I'm sorry, but I don't remember Danielle chasing these women around town. They live in different towns. And Posche is closer to her. It appears to be the other way around!

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