The Bachelorette: Alternate Endings Filmed?

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With just a few days remaining until The Bachelorette season finale, speculation is still running rampant about what its star, Ali Fedotowsky, decides.

Does she choose Roberto Martinez or Chris Lambton? Does she reject both remaining suitors in what would amount to a huge emotional letdown?

Whatever the case, the show has done well keeping it under wraps. All Bachelorette spoilers we know are the same ones we've known for weeks.

Perhaps this is a testament to the greatness of Reality Steve, god among spoiler fiends for several seasons and perennial thorn in Mike Fleiss' side.

While he stands by what he says happens (follow the link above to read about it), he admits he has been stymied somewhat regarding the finale.

There's even a theory circulating that producers went so far as to film two different episodes of the After The Final Rose special as a smokescreen.

Ali Looking On

Are Ali Fedotowsky and The Bachelorette plotting a real surprise?

Ratings for the show have not exactly suffered as a result of spoilers leaking, but just the same, ABC would likely nix this occurrence if possible.

Would they really go to such lengths, though?

The lack of a single shot of the final rose ceremony in any preview to date is also strange. Could it be there is no ceremony or final rose doled out?

This theory is supported by Ali's vague comments about her tough decision, being content with what she did, etc. But it could be part of the act.

Is it possible that, just maybe, producers and Ali Fedotowsky pushed the decision back until the After The Final Rose special, which is being secretly taped this week, and no one knows the outcome because it hasn't been decided yet?

That's just our hypothesis, but longtime host and pimp Chris Harrison said that something happens on the finale "unlike anything we've seen before."

We've seen people pick no one and go home. This would be unprecedented.

In any case, who do you think Ali should choose?


As for Ali, I don't think she cares how it turns out. She's had fun, money, travel, and clothes and got to be a diva. At this point she's so insincere, she needs to grow up some more and then figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. I don't see her as a little hometown farm girl, nor 2nd chair to anyone
else's attention. She's not there yet in her life. One of the parents asked her what she wants from life, and she looked stunned and then mumbled, "a family, kids" like, gee, was that a trick question! Go play Ali/grow up.


Surely, surely the whole Jake/Vienna thing has not been turned into a gr8 big sham scam thing and Ali ends up w/Jake. He's such a loser and a liar! Big money would have had to change hands to pull this off but Jake's not even good-looking anymore.
After the "fight scene" revealing his temper, the look in his eyes turned him so ugly that I can't see any of the handsomeness
in there anywhere. He transformed before our very eyes. I just can't see him turning back. He's really in love w/himself! He's also dangerous! I'd be weary of him!


I think she chooses nobody, then ABC sets up a special with Ali and Jake Pavelka together.


from the clips i've seen, i have a hunch the outcome has much to do with Ali's dad and what he says to the guys....i am thinking she does pick someone at the very end of it all but that both guys realize the importance of what is at stake when they talk with her dad.
i may be wrong but i just think that has something to do with the ending after seeing the clips where the guys question things....
PICK CHRIS!!! i love roberto but PICK CHRIS.


Does Frank come crying back in the final episode and she chooses Frank?


I'm pretty sure she choses someone.... it has been leaked that wedding plans are in the works


I really think Ali makes a great match with Chris but if she does choose someone, its gonna be Roberto.

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