Teresa Giudice Really Might Go to Jail

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Teresa Giudice should send a muffin basket to Danielle Staub.

Granted, these two Real Housewives of New Jersey despise each other and went at it angrily enough for the police to be called on them last week - but Staub's antics have distracted viewers from focusing on Giudice's significant problems, which boil down to this:

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

She might be going to jail.

A couple months ago, Teresa and her husband filed for bankruptcy.

But a new report in The Wall Street Journal states the couple allegedly concealed key documents about their finances and business transactions.

The pair is also accused, by According to Chapter 7 trustee John Sywilok, of "making false statements under oath about their assets, income and expenses." He's suing the Giudices and attempting to bar them from clearing their debt under the rules of bankruptcy.

We'll keep readers apprised of this development, along with more troubling news for the Giudices: On August 22, there will be a public auction of the contents inside their mansion.

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Come on people! Joe is not in the mafia. He's too dumb for them to accept him!


They are a waste. If you are so shallow that you feel you have to show off like you are rich to try and win acceptance from other shallow bitches then you deserve everything you have coming. You do not deserve to keep the material goods that you went into debt for. EVERYTHING should be sold at auction until every last cent is paid in full and they can keep whats left over! Tax payers shoul not have to finance this kind of mindless way of thinking. I for one would be outraged if they are allowed to keep property if the debt is not paid in full. Should they go to prison for lying about income on federal documents? HELL YES!! The average Joe would!


Wonder how she feels about living in a used prison cell?


I think that they were incredibly greedy and Teresa spent way above their means. What I don't understand is how they had so many mortgages on one house, so that they owed much more than what the house was worth. Why did the banks lend them all that money? I think Joe used the money from refinancing all his properties to build that house and rack up all that debt. I'm glad the they will have trouble declaring bankruptcy and walking away from the mess they created. It doesn't seem fair to me for them to keep their house and everything else if they owe honest people all that money. Why should other people suffer while they enjoy their loot? It's people like this that are contributing to the mess the economy is in. Most of us live within our means -- they should as well. The whole thing makes me mad.


I don't mean to argue--but if we were talking about "sane" people--I'd buy your argument. I didn't say I believe Joe is in the mafia. I stated that some people believe he is in the mafia. It also doesn't make sense to have photos of your furnished home --that you furnished while claiming to be bankrupt. It also doesn't make sense to throw lavish birthday and housewarming parties on TV while claiming to not be able to pay your debts. Teresa claims it took three years to build her house. She was seen paying over 100K in cash for furniture. She was seen paying for over 2k shopping sprees for young children in cash--yet says she cannot pay her honest debts? I don't mean any disrespect Hanna--but come on--really?! I could go on and on.


Couldn't happen to a more deserving person. When you put yourself in the public eye and show off, brag about your riches and then don't pay the working people who have enriched your life, you should go to prison. The fact that she lied on a Federal level just shows how incredibly arrogant she is.


I know Teresa and Joe and I can tell you
that their home is fine and so are they and as far as
Joe being in the mafia it's not true.
They own businesses. And if Joe was in the mafia
do you think that they would show him on the show?


Umm..I don't mean to be nit-picky but--she might be going to prison. "Jail" is a totally different thing. Bankruptcy is directed by federal laws--she might be going to the "Big House". Unlike she reported to Andy Cohen, the bankruptcy is not just between her husband and his business partners--her name is listed on the court docs...I think this whole situation has exposed Teresa for what she really is. I think a lot of people suspect Joe is in the Mafia--this only gives fuel to the fire--i.e. where does over 100k in cash come from? Who carries around that kind of dough without fear?
I'm just sayin'...


The rest of us would go to jail for that but I guess they will have a tribe of their mafia lawyers get them off ! ! !