Teresa Giudice Laughs Off Danielle Staub Lawsuit

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Following his client's confrontation with Teresa Giudice and other Real Housewives of New Jersey on this week's explosive episode, the attorney for Danielle Staub says he plans on filing a lawsuit.

Along with assault and battery charges, the lawyer says he'll seek damages for "defamation of character." To this assertion, Giudice has the following response:


"Don't make me laugh. I think she's defamed her own reputation all by herself," Giudice told Popeater yesterday, clearly referring to Staub's history of drug use, prostitution, sex tape production and overall lunacy.

Angry Teresa

Unlike Staub, Giudice is aware that filing a restraining order against a reality TV co-star is more ridiculous than any defense of Mel Gibson.

These women are paid to interact with one another in front of the camera. They don't just choose to do so - they profit from the confrontations!

"Believe me, if we could get a restraining order against a cast member, Danielle would have had four against her already," Teresa said. "I never threatened her. She, however, has been on camera threatening me, stalking me and even practicing doing me harm."

Meanwhile, while viewers may claim to be be disgusted by these women, the ratings say otherwise:

Tuesday's episode set a record for Bravo, becoming the highest-rated non-finale of the series. A total of 3.29 million fans tuned in.


Teresa and Joe seem more and more like a pair of crooks. Paying for $100,000 of furniture in cash? Wow, hope the IRS also catches up with them. In the end its hardworking people who foot the bill when these kind of scammers file for bankruptcy or evade taxes. Teresa is a real bully and I can't believe I'm saying this but I have to take Danielle's side now. Teresa, Jaqueline and Ashley definitely bullied her and assaulted her. What an ugly bunch of trash these three are. There needs to be laws against bullying since it's an epidemic in schools and young people are so seriously harmed by it. Adults behaving like this should be punished.


I agree with Todd. Danielle might have her issues, but the other housewives are definitely not saints. Teresa started that mess and escalated it. Danielle had every right to be frightened and to take legal action. Teresa, Jacqueline, and Ashley crossed the line.


How could Teresa only bring home around 10k per month and be in 11 million in the hole there is something funny about this. How can they still have lots of money to spend, Yes I hope the IRS gets them and they do go to jail for 20yr. I hate the show they all need to grow up.I hope they lose there house.


I am so sick of Teresa I hope the IRS gets them and they go to jail. I don't understand how they can file bankruptcy and still have a lot of money to buy business I don't get it. Like the pizza place and condo?How are they paying that right now. They are in the MOB. I hope teresa gets her ass kick hard and her man with who is sooooooo short and with a little man conflex.


Danielle was rude - plain and simple - what started the argument was when Danielle told Theresa her home was in foreclosure - that is what started the fight.


Teresa and the other girls keep on calling Danielle a nut. Then they attack her, insult her, and won't even let her leave a filmed event in peace. Give me a break. Then they insinuate that they want her to leave the show. Um,...? Without lady D, THERE IS NO SHOW. Watching those three f#!cked up bitches without Danielle would be like WATCHING PAINT DRY.

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