Taylor Swift Announces New Album Title, Release Date

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Following an incredible 2009, Taylor Swift took some time off.

But the singer is ready to take the music world by storm again, and has announced details for her upcoming album:

  • It will be titled "Speak Now."
  • It will be released on October 25.

Why that title? Swift answer the question in a live Web chat today, telling fans it “pertains to the album as a concept, and as an entire theme of the record, more than I can even tell you.”

Taylor added that she's been penning singles for the album since "Fearless" came out in 2008.

She said. “Thankfully, in the past two years I’ve experienced a lot of things that I’ve been dying to write about. A lot of things that I’ve wanted to say in the moment that I didn’t... Track by track, each song is a different confession to a different person.”

The first song off the CD will hit the radio in mid-August. Titled "Mine," Swift says it's about “my tendency to run from love. It’s a recent tendency. Every example of love in my life has ended in goodbye. The song is about finding the exception to that.”

We're just sad that exception didn't include Taylor Lautner.

** In other upcoming album news, David Archuleta has already revealed the released date for his next CD.


why is it that people are even reading an article about her new album if you don't like her music. Get a life!


Love, love, love Taylor! I can't wait to get her new CD. Just heard the new single, it should be another big hit. I hope to see the video for it really soon.


oh my God!
Cant wait for Oct. 25!!!


Urgh... her again?? I guess I'll be isolating myself to the bomb shelter when her album comes out.. Get ready for her overplayed, supposedly COUNTRY songs on POP radio!!


canyy waittt ily taylor x


Not the best picture but she is beautiful woman-lucky her!!


hi iam now


Team Kanye!!!!!


So will the sales of vomit bags.. Get ready for the overplaying of her so called "country" songs on the "pop" radio...


Sales of earplugs will skyrocket.

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