Taylor Momsen on Miley Cyrus Comparisons: Shut the Eff Up!

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Miley Cyrus may be a colossal disappointment for a variety of reasons, but at least she doesn't curse, smoke or look like a raccoon at all times.

The same can't be said for Gossip Girl cast member Taylor Momsen.

Speaking to FHM UK this week, the 16-year old lashed out at critics that compare her to Miley, making it very clear that she doesn't see any similarities between the pair.

"I'm not looking to be Miley f*cking Cyrus," Momsen said. "I don't care about the fame. I do it because I love music. I like making records and if people like them, then we'll go along for the ride."

Taylor M.
Miles in Concert

Momsen and Cyrus may both act and sing, but that's pretty much where the comparisons end. The former fronts rock band The Pretty Reckless, while the latter is nothing more than a Britney Spears wannabe at this point.

Still, Taylor feels a need to distance herself from Miley, adding: "I think the Disney bubblegum shit that the world is living right now is pathetic. I thought we passed that repression."

It's unclear what that actually means, but Gossip Girl fans have made their opinion of Momsen and her character well-known: Jenny Humphrey has been written out of most of next season on the show.

Good riddance.


Blaize l agree, you cant treat Miley the same way you treat Noah right? Miley can wear whatever she wants, act the way she wants, date and do whatever she wants... who are we to even judge her??? Noone, but also everyone can say whatever they want and if people feel that they need to diss Miley and say whatever let them do so lets not "repress" their feelings and opinions of Miley.
On another note, you really are a fan of Miley arent you, you and that guy Hollywood, one would think you are the same person but hey keep up the good work!!! I enjoyed debating about this, are you studying anything in particular at college maybe? Coz you might make it big in the Children Rights sector. Later


@matilda: Conforming to a repressive mold just because it's what other people want isn't a good thing. Restricting someone from all sexuality is repressive.
Teenagers have the right to express their sexuality and sorry, but most people DO round age up. Most people I know consider young adults to be anyone from 16-21. That's what all of my school teachers told us: when I was a junior and senior in high school, the teachers told all of us that we were young adults and expected us to act that way. I still say teenagers are teenagers and children are children. You can't treat a 17 year old the same way you would treat a 7 year old.


@Matilda: Exactly. She (or anyone) shouldn't have to change the way she dresses or dances just because there are bad people out there.


Oh and the pedophile thing is actually true, google it. But we cant exactly ask Miley to stop dancing because of someones perverted cravings now can we?? Oprah might though!!


Aaaw Taylor is actually cute... as for Miley, l guess she is okay but the shots lve seen of her masive vajayjay (PEREZ HILON)are clouding my judgement. She can sing though, Taylor is not a really good musician...


@kiley: I'm not saying I'm against Miley- actually, I like Miley Cyrus. I think the further away she gets from her Disney Image, the better her music gets and the more I see her as an entertainer. I just think it's stupid how somebody who's almost an adult, leaving Disney Channel, has said more than once that she wants to be sexier, and has made it clear that she's trying to reach an audience her own age and older is being vilified for being sexual. It's hypocritical of everyone to ban kids from all things Miley Cyrus but still let them listen to and follow Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, and others when they're raunchier than Miley. It's a double standard and sends a mixed message. Taylor Momsen is right in saying that the Disney Bubblegum is fake and in some ways repressive.


wow.. What the heck is with this repression stuff? and actually disney has a right, and I get what Claire is saying is saying. @Blaize They DID choose to be disney and gain MILLIONS od dollars for it, so they have too behave a certain way, otherwise they shouldnt have done such a stupid thing as too JOIN disney. Team Miley Momsen need to watch it, I get the whole be yourself thing, but soon shes gonna be out a career


Taylor Momsen is partially right: the Disney bubblegum thing is for kids and it's a good place to start if you're 12 or younger, but if you're in your mid-to-late teens it's too restrictive and doesn't allow you to be who you really want to be as an artist or a person. The only reason why people compare Taylor Momsen to Miley Cyrus so much is because they're both 17 year olds who like to dress provocotively. So what? They're almost adults (espescially the one who will be 18 in 4 months.) They have the right to wear what they want and experiment with different looks.


kids now days, go put some clothes on and wipe your face. sheesh.


i like taylor i think shes cool shes younger than me and her cursing blah blah is how she is they dont all have to be perfect angels which is why i feel sorry for the likes of miley coz shes expected to act a certain way for the sake of others where that is not what is expected from taylor so comparing them is like totally dumb i dunno if i even made sense there but yeh.....

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