Stephen Zalewski Sues Danielle Staub, Calls Nut Job Out for Sex Tape Lies

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Danielle Staub is a total fraud and liar!

So claims the guy that put it to her on video.

Danielle Staub Sex Tape Picture

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in Morris County Superior Court, Stephen Zalewski takes issue with hilarious lies comments Staub made a couple episodes ago on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, as she claimed she was filmed having sex without her knowledge.

Zalewski's attorney says he's in possession of text messages and emails that prove Danielle was in on the tape - not to mention the actual video itself, in which Staub talks and poses for the camera at every turn.

Watch it now... at your own risk.

Here's to being a heinous individual!

The lawyer says Staub's "damage [the] reputation" of his client, which implies Stephen Zalewski has any kind of reputation. Adds the sex tape director himself:

“I have people come up to me in restaurants telling me I’m going to hell, I’m not a good person. I try to explain to people I didn’t do anything wrong. She would send me video texts of her playing with herself, I have nothing to do with that."

This is funny for two reasons:

  1. Who the heck would recognize Stephen Zalewski in public?!?
  2. Even if someone did, why would this person spit such vitriol in his direction for a Danielle Staub sex tape?!?

In closing, Zalewski tells Radar Online: “Basically I want her to stop lying and ruining people’s lives, she’s really out of her mind, there’s something wrong with her. She plays the victim and says everyone is out to get her, but it’s really the other way around.”

Finally, a statement that makes sense.


I wonder how many copies of Danielle Staub Sex Tape were spread?!
Check it out here: Danielle Staub Sex Tape (full version)
Ain't it the hottest thing?
Have fun
Donald Rodriguez


I'd recognize him from behind with his pear-like womanly hips and of course what made this 26 year old so famous in the first place, his bald spot. From the front I couldn't ID him, just a blah mug with Rosecea. I'll always remember him from the back. I doubt anyone else could ID him either, it would be fun to do a demo in court grabbing random people off the street though. That could be a new reality show, Do you know this douche?


This is Fucking hillarious!! The guy said what we all have been saying and thinking-he would know and I agree!!!


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