Spotted Partying: Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin

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Eat your heart out, Reggie Bush.

Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin made one of their first public appearances as a couple last night, stepping out at a private residence in Bel Air as guests Serena Williams' Pre-ESPYs House Party.

Tweeted Kim prior to the event: Kardashian Tweeted: "Soooo excited for @serenawilliams party tonight!!! Woooowhoo"

Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin

Kardashian and Austin spent all of July Fourth weekend together. They even shut down a club in New Jersey in order to get their groove on.

Kim also threw her new man a birthday bash at NYC steakhouse STK on June 30. Sorry to break this to you, Ty Lawson. Maybe someone else is available for 17 minutes.


These kardashians must hate white guys


What is up with Kourt?????? The Kardashians need to take the focus off Scott and get Kourtney some help. She has obviously low self-esteem to put up with the abuse and lies from that alcoholic a-hole. What an unforgivable example she's setting for other women and her own son!! I for one am EXTREMELY disappointed in her and refuse to watch their show again. I hope she opens her eyes soon before it's another OJ and Nicole story!! Good luck and God be with you!


To janice.. Obviously you are a hater because you wouldn't care so much and get so angry over something that doesn't matter. Maybe it didnt work out, so she moved on. Men do it all the time so why can't women. You only live once so instead of getting this upset about what she is doing maybe you should focus your energy on yourself.Your life obviously is that great becaus this struck an insecure nerve. GET A LIFE!!


Wtf?! was she cheating on Reggie when they were together, i mean how the hell you go so serious with someone else after just getting out of a relationship like 2-3 months ago... wow. I liked u Kim but man hopping ain't cute and I know her fans go defend her by saying " she's hot and can get any man in the world" or whatever. But it don't matter what her fan thinks everyone has different opinions and to me she's a fame whore I mean i really hated when people called her that but watching her jump into a relationship so quick just isn't cute I mean her and Reggie were suppose to be so in love and have kids and be married.... wow. Nice. Kim is a Beautiful girl and everything and is well known but to me in my eyes she isn't making herself look good, Some people gone start noticing also. Anyways Kim wish you the best of luck with your new relationship. ( Hopefully ya last :D ) You and him have great life and I hope you guys can have the relationship you always wanted.

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