Source: Chris Brown Faked BET Awards Tears

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Chris Brown defenders are not gonna like this one bit.

The singer received a lot of attention, both good and bad, for his tearful tribute to MJ at the BET Awards Sunday. As he sang "Man in the Mirror," Chris broke down.

Chris Brown BALLING

The display of Brown channeling Michael Jackson and the lyrics hitting close to home united fans in support. Queen Latifah openly said Brown deserves forgiveness.

Yet an insider tells Us Weekly today that it was fake.

CROCODILE TEARS? The sincerity of Chris Brown's display is debatable.

Before he took the stage, a backstage source says one of Brown's bodyguards gave the singer tear-inducing eye drops: "He rubbed it in and he started crying."

Brown's rep denies it, telling Us that Brown simply "was moved by the opportunity to pay tribute to his idol." But the witness says Brown definitely used drops.

We may never know for sure, but it's not the biggest stretch in the world. Was Brown's tribute a blatant ploy for positive PR or a sincerely moving homage?

You tell us: Chris Brown's BET Awards performance was ...


Chris Brown is a phony no-talent woman beater. Abusers like that never change. They are manipulative egomaniacs and their fans cover for them, just like with Michael Jackson and his abusive dad.


WE LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN! Don't worry about negative people, the media or critics and what they are trying to do or say. You did your thing and that's all that matters.


Haters like Monkey, Randy are the ones sick not Chris Brown. Monkey stated that he or she could care less about Chris Brown. Well if that's the case why are you saying negative stuff about him. Chris always rocked the stage and mic whenever he performed. I love watching Chris whenever he's doing his thing. Chris keep doing your thing. Chris performance was brillant and he is brillant. People are saying he was not singing, yes he was when he came from behind the curtain. The first song was Chris's voice. People need to stop hating and congrat this young man. He deserve it!


Even if he did use eye drops and maybe those were his intentions i feel like maybe once he started to perform the emotions might have actually come to be more real than anything. throughout Chris' career he always made note that he was a fan of Michael Jackson, and you can clearly see that in his tribute nobody could pay a better tribute to Michael Jackson than Chris. I don't take this as anything I'm more happy at the fact that Michael Jackson finally got a tribute worth seeing, and not some trash, Chris did it best. regardless if it was for publicity or not & as far as the Rihanna thing goes i love them both, just not together. i don't condone domestic violence but i also believe in forgiving the boy said he was sorry numerous times. he served his time. sheesh leave him alone now damnn !


i believe it was real!! MJ is my idol


I would have to agree w/ tibby Chris just aint that good of an actor, I have seen him in movies and he did alright but he aint close to Oscar performance. I certainly don't condone his behavior and yes I do think we all deserve a second chance because we are human and flesh will disappoint you every time. We also have to remember that Youth sometimes equals Stupidity. Chris still has a lot to learn in life and about life as all Young people do and some old. I wish him the best as he gets his life back on track. People its OK to be HAPPY about another person's good fortune


Chris Brown could have been fakin just to get publicty, or he could have felt really emotional. Michael Jackson could have been like an idol to him. I personally think he wasnt faking a person who can cry like that. And if he was fakin he a good actor and should quit just singing and make a nother career by singing thats one way to get his publicty up.


Chris Brown would do anything to get his place back. Those tears was conjured up! He's a fake and those who don't see it are deaf, dumb and blind! I'm glad he was exposed.




why was you fakeing was you yes or no !!!!!!!!!!


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