Source: Chris Brown Faked BET Awards Tears

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Chris Brown defenders are not gonna like this one bit.

The singer received a lot of attention, both good and bad, for his tearful tribute to MJ at the BET Awards Sunday. As he sang "Man in the Mirror," Chris broke down.

Chris Brown BALLING

The display of Brown channeling Michael Jackson and the lyrics hitting close to home united fans in support. Queen Latifah openly said Brown deserves forgiveness.

Yet an insider tells Us Weekly today that it was fake.

CROCODILE TEARS? The sincerity of Chris Brown's display is debatable.

Before he took the stage, a backstage source says one of Brown's bodyguards gave the singer tear-inducing eye drops: "He rubbed it in and he started crying."

Brown's rep denies it, telling Us that Brown simply "was moved by the opportunity to pay tribute to his idol." But the witness says Brown definitely used drops.

We may never know for sure, but it's not the biggest stretch in the world. Was Brown's tribute a blatant ploy for positive PR or a sincerely moving homage?

You tell us: Chris Brown's BET Awards performance was ...


guys gve brown a break please


Leave chris the fuck alone!!! dont u ave any body else to target???? these people sick my stomach acting like he's the first fucking man to hit a woman. i'm not saying thet what he did was right but i mean he's trying to better him self so give him a chance PLEASE!! Geese


Why don't people leave Chris Brown alone. Well he ain't the only one that hit a woman. Anyway she did it to him first. If you hit me yes i will hit you she had no business putting her hands on him she is not his mother for one thing. So she got what she deserve. People let it go and put it in God hands.


Y'all generation is just F*cked up! 20-35 year olds are so lost!
Chris Brown is better off than most of you bitching about him GET OVER IT -- Worry about how bad that man treats your momma>>


hi are u doing chris brown


Remember, it was a baaaaad ass mistake..but I heard that high heel shoe hurt, Rhiana was reported to have hit him with!!


Chris Brown deserves to have a career. He's had enough time for remorse.


Queen Latifah didn't get battered within an inch of her life.


Icey u should realli stfu kuz u never kno if he changed ok n every1 deserved a second chanceee R.I.P. MJ


Doses it even matter?Real, fake nor rubber tears tears are not going to bring Michael Jackson back to life, folks.So why the big woo?They were likely real, because apparently he seems to love/respect Mr. Jackson, which is sweet of him.He probably has a kind side even though he got a little fisty with his ex girlfriend, and no, i do not think that's OK that he did such a thing. I wish she had hit him right back or set that wckadoo anne-caroline brown loose on him!


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