Sarah Palin to Guest Star on Kate Plus 8

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Kate Gosselin and her brood are currently Alaska to film TLC's Kate Plus 8. Rumor has it they've got a camping trip planned up north with the most famous Alaskan!

Sarah Palin will be making a guest appearance, according to reports.

Kate and Kids

The Gosselins were spotted in Anchorage Thursday and Friday. The kids had fun, but it's all about the Kate Plus 8 ratings - and two pop culture phenoms colliding.

The Dancing With the Stars alum is slated to meet with former Governor Sarah Palin for a camping excursion that will be shown on the series. Words fail us now.

During their stay, the Pennsylvanians will also be receiving a hands-on natural history lesson from Palin’s father, Chuck Heath, and Sarah's brother, Chuck Jr.

Both Chucks are school teachers in America's 49th state.

TLC-YA THERE: The Palins will welcome the Gosselins to Alaska!

"She's excited because it will be fun and educational for the children. Sarah will even teach Kate how to avoid bears!" the source told In Touch about Palin.

Valuable life lessons for the kiddos, for sure. We just hope they don't bring in Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin to offer tips on how to avoid teen pregnancy.

Palin's representatives referred reporters to TLC when contacted about the In Touch report, while the network subsequently stated that it had no comment.

While not officially confirmed her appearance would make some sense, given that it offers a nice tie-in with Sarah Palin's Alaska, which TLC landed in March.

The eight-episode documentary will feature the former V.P. candidate spotlighting various facets of Alaskan life, and is being produced by Mark Burnett.

We eagerly await the announcement of a Palin-Gosselin 2012 ticket. Which of these famous families would you rather go camping with? Vote:


the two jerks belong together, dumb and dumber.


Sarah is as popular here in Alaska as she ever was! Even the main stream media has come to terms with the fact that they cannot hurt her. Sarah's apperance on the show will only increase her popularity as Sarah is increasingly identified with most women in America except the far left extreamist. Go Sarah Go!


Palin is not the most famous person in AK- She is quickly becoming the most infamous, and embarassing- I live in Alaska and always let people know how she should never be voted in for President, or any other political position- She is a quitter and hater !!


I can't stand another spoting of fakekate!. Why Why Why TLC do you have to shove this loser down our thoarts!? I can't turn around without hearing or seeing this want-a-be loser! I hope a bear does get fakekate. That bear would become an instance Hero to 99% of the world! The 1% is fakekate herself. Is fakekate so into herself that she can't see that people can't stand her and the fact that she is the worst mother, parent, human being! She uses the kidsa to keep herself living the lifestyle she has become so accuston to. Someone needs to take the kids away from her before she produces 8 little fakekates! Maddy is already rude, nasty and down right mean. The spiten image of her mother.


What a couple of money hungry dirt bag women, both pimping their kids and pushing their 15 minutes..


Perfect. Two women who exploit their kids can bond over weenies and marshmallows with cameras rolling. I thought TLC stood for The Learning Channel? The only thing these kids are learning is how to work the media for big bucks. Rich and stupid.


Dreams do come true! Lmao. Just kidding

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