Sarah Palin Rips Barack Obama Visit to The View

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Yesterday's appearance by Barack Obama on The View was not warmly greeted by some of the President's critics who questioned the nature of the visit.

Chief among said critics: Sarah Palin. Ripping his decision to sit down for a light interview on daytime TV amid myriad national crises, Palin Twittered:

"President with no time to visit porous US/Mexican border to offer help to those risking life to secure us, but lotso’ time to chat on The View? ... I’m headed to border in near future. Let’s see how quickly his travel schedule will allow that border visit after all.”

It might be a compelling point, if it weren't Sarah Palin.

POTUS in Action

Sarah Palin questions our President's commitment to public service.

The former Alaska Governor is referring to the region's drug wars and the debate over immigration in this country, and whether Obama should be on The View during such turbulent - or any - times is a subject many have raised, and not without validity.

With our nation burdened by two wars, immigration upheaval, rampant unemployment and the worst ecological disaster of all time, seeing our Commander-in-Chief chatting about Lindsay Lohan and Jay-Z is not as charming as it once was.

Let's not forget, though, that this criticism is coming from a woman who quit after less than a term as Alaska Governor to pursue lucrative, self-serving endeavors such as writing a memoir of her distinguished "career" and posing for In Touch Weekly.

That's her right, of course, and good for her. But for a woman clearly in love with her own celebrity and more interested in fulfilling Sarah Palin's every whim than in public service, criticism of one interview by the President is laughable.

Agree? Disagree? Weigh in below ...


Sarah Palin was a has been way before she ever opened her mouth.She offers a lot of critizism but no concrete solutions.


Palin needs to go back to Alaska and mind her own business i don't want her any where near mine - and what good does she thingk she's going to do going to the border - is she going to take her gun and shoot them - she's a fake, and a ingornant person / you don't think she's take the change to get on any show she could she's been on saturday night live and i would rather have tina fey run for office than palin- same general looks but fey is a lot smarter and funnier


This is without a doubt the most biased, non-objective and foolish article I have ever read on this website. Do a little research, get your facts straight and take off your Obama button and do some thinking for a change. Personal attacks do not make for objective journalism.


This is why Levi is her torn in the flesh. She will get back what she dishes out one way or the other.


Here we go with Sara Stale-in, using every opportunity to make a buck. When will you people learn to stop falling for the obvious parlor tricks. You are so easily lead by illiterate, conspiring to do wrong leaders that it is pathetic. How can you support this moron, she is an embarassment to any race. She lacks civility, morality and intellect. She doesn't know politics and can't even lead her own household, let alone a country. Stop being bamboozled because of someones race and see the real truth. Sara is nothing more than a typical opportunist, who uses every chance she can to turn a buck. You are the most gullible people ever, always fooled by the biggest cons of your own race of people. No wonder the CEO's, Wall Street and Bernie Madoff are able to scam you for so long, you are blinded by the white.


I do not want to see me Chief Executive on anything that is not a hard hitting news show. They are world leaders, not entertainers. IMO!


The Obama stalker $arah Paylin is just jealous. She can't resist INJECTING herself into the LAMESTREAM daily!


Sarah has been on a "magic carpet ride" for quite sometime. She has not determined what she wants to be when she finally grows up!


Populist Princess Palin grows impatient with President EmptySuit, who wastes time with jibber-jabber on silly, sappy TV shows while renegades run rampant across our unprotected borders.


I think she was referring more to the thousands of people killed at the mexico/usa border in the ongoing drug wars, then the immigration.

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