Sandra Bullock: Taking Jesse James Back?! (No)

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Since the day Sandra Bullock left Jesse James, her estranged, cheating hubby has done everything to win her back. Will he succeed? Yes, says Life & Style!

The hack publication is likely making this up - Sandra did everything in her power to expedite her divorce from James, and is naturally in contact with him because of her close relationship to his three children - but no matter.

That doesn't make for nearly as interesting a magazine cover ...

Taking Jesse Back!

WHY SHE'S TAKING HIM BACK: She's not. Sorry.

According to the celebrity gossip publication, Jesse is closer than ever to getting a second chance with her. Closer than ever ... not hard when you were never close.

"Her heart is open to him again," an insider says, supposedly. Sources confirm that Jesse and Sandra are talking, claiming that it's for the sake of the children only.

Which it probably is.

"Sandra will never fully get over the way Jesse betrayed her," the insider says of his railing Michelle McGee and others. "But he did give her the family she wanted."

"And because of that, she's able to forgive him."

Sure thing. As for Jesse relocating his home and businesses to Austin, Texas, where Sandra spends much of her time with adopted son Louis? That much is true - for the kids' sake. Don't look for a reconciliation anytime soon.


I hope they rumors are true and they are getting back together. I believe true love comes out on top. After all, it's about forgiveness. You prove to be an amazing woman, Sandra Bullock with a heart of gold. Fight for your man and your family. A woman like you can swallow her pride for the ones she loves as I am sure Jessie has swallowed his. You two belong together, The way I see it, you two are each others rock even in hard times. Take care of your family Jessie and never let your demons sacrifice what you have with your family. I am truly a die hard fan of you both, as human beings not as celebrities.


i know guys like jesse getting caught was part of the getting sandra to forgive him is the rest.if she really wants to keep jesse she has to play power games.its really a very unheathy relationship from here on out.sorry sandra:(


i know how Cass-Sandy feels...i have an ABUSIVE-EX...she has NO IDEA of how stupid, thoughtless, and selfish she is...stupid people aggravate me...i am pretty sure she still likes me but IMAGINE the pain she has caused me...mostly i'd like to think that i have left her far behind..but she keeps popping up here and's kinda hard to avoid her. I CAN'T EVER really forgive her so i understand how Cass-Sandy sux to be the brunt of sumone else's STUPIDITY!

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