Sandra Bullock and Jesse James: Inside the Divorce

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Sandra Bullock and Jesse James' divorce was finalized this week.

That doesn't mean their relationship is completely over, however, according to sources. The exes will continue to be involved in each other's lives, People reports.

Jesse and His Kat

Jesse and Sandra, who wed in 2005, will work together as co-parents of James' kids Sunny, 6, Jesse Jr., 12, and Chandler, 15, from his two previous marriages.

The divorce's completion also clears the way for Bullock to finalize her adoption of son Louis, 6 months, and for her recognition as the boy's sole legal guardian.

"It's not like they're talking every day, but they're in touch about things," a source close to both says. "It seems like it's about the kids more than anything."

For her part, Bullock, 45, has been "chilling out" in New Orleans and Austin, Tx., with Louis. James, 41, has made it clear he plans on moving to Texas as well.

He may not think he can win her back romantically, but "He has a goal," says a James pal. "He wants his life back, a sense of normalcy and his family back."

Their divorce really was amicable, too.

Sandra may have had issues with Jesse after the Michelle McGee cheating scandal, but she trusted him and vice versa when it came to deciding who got what.

Jesse and Sandra trusted each other when it came to listing the value of the assets they each held and the debts they each owed, unusual in a high-profile split.

They waived their right to independently investigate the true value of the items, entered into a confidential property settlement agreement and waived alimony.

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Well, at least she can finally put this whole fake marrage behind her and she can move on with a new family and life. I am glad that they could act like adults, be civil and think about the children and not the hurt that has been caused. It has been very sad to see the marrage unravel before our eyes. I hope that both parties can find peace and happiness one day.