Samantha Ronson Visits Lindsay in the Slammer

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Lindsay Lohan, who has been visited by family ever since her incarceration three days ago, received another guest Thursday in ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson.

Ronson popped by the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif., where Lohan is confined and living among murderers until at least August 1.


The troubled star was sentenced to 90 days behind bars for violating probation from her DUI case, but that could be cut to 2-3 weeks with good behavior.

Moreover, it could be cut even further due to time served during related arrests. In any case, the actress is reportedly handling things well - visitors help.

Nice to see Samantha and Lindsay on good terms.

Although they had a nasty split, Ronson and Lohan have remained close and the DJ has been by her side ever since she was sentenced to jail July 6.

She even called out Joan Rivers for bashing Lindsay on Twitter at one point. No better way to show you've got your girl's back than in a flame war.

Might a reconciliation be in the works once Lindsay gets sprung? Or will one or more of her cell block mates catch her eye between now and then?


This ugly strung out Junky. Look at this mess. not a hot mess, a Head nodding drug abusing filthy lesbian. Leave Lindsay alone, just because you will never have a girl that hot or that famous. She gave you your fifteen minutes. get out here. somebody take her to the methadone clinic


I am so sorry for what Lindsay has to endure. People are just ganging up on her because she is a celebrity. Most individuals who have been accused of the same crime Lindsay has been would serve one hour at most. Jail is not the answer! I wish the best for her.


Yipes! She is way too skinny to be a healthy person. She must be on drugs to not realize she's skin and bones. What's with these mentally ill anorexic people? Do they not have full-length mirrors? She needs to stand next to a fat person and look in the mirror. We have enough of them in this country (fat persons); she can find one to do a comparison.


Why does nobody ever point out how thin and ill looking Sam Ronson is? Is she not that important? She's extremely underweight and could maybe do with a substance free stint in jail herself.

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