Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Surprise Eclipse Fans, Do Dinner

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It was a fun and romantic holiday weekend for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

On Monday night, the couple shocked fans at a screening of Eclipse in Century City. They appeared on the scene - to shrieks and screams, of course - and greeted those in attendance.

Kristen said she and Rob just wanted to “thank [the fans] for making it such a great weekend," while Pattinson was his usual, funny self, adding: “I hope you like the movie, because otherwise, this would be really embarrassing."

Watch the sexy surprise below:

Following this event, Robsten proceeded on a romantic date night.

The pair snuck through an underground entrance and into one of Rob's favorite West Hollywood restaurants, SoHo House. Spotted eating and drinking, the two looked "very happy" reported a source to E! News.

They finished their meal, left together and... let's give the couple some privacy, okay?!? We'll just say they had a very pleasant evening together and leave it at that.


I think robert and kristen are a adorable couple but i had
1 question are they still a couple?


I have followed the romance of Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart since Twilight. Your gossip about Rob and Kristen no longer together broke my heart. It looked to be the hookup of the century and you guys blow my spirits totally. I have MS and I have been hoping to email Robert and Kristen. It would be a thrill to hear from them and get autographed pictures.


just want to say i love robert and kristen,,AKA EDWARD AND BELLA LOVE ALL MOVIES, AND BOOKS.. SO lets give them some privacy O . K. I WISH U ALL WOULD COME TO N.C. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU .. ALWAYS TWILIGHT GRANNY56 LOVE. U


that was really cool of them to do that!! Wish they had come to my drive-in where I say the movie!!!


Wish i could have been there. Too bad they didn't come to NC. Love Robsten!


that was really cute of Rob&Kristen..huh..some fans are just luckier than others..


Whoaaahh!! Sorry guys, my brain just went green! Looolz!! Bravo Robsten!!

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