Rachel vs. Emma vs. Miley: Who Wears It Best?

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Rachel Bilson is a moderately successful actress.

Emma Watson plays a key role in one of the biggest movie franchises in history, while also attending Brown.

Miley Cyrus is a floundering singer with an unpopular CD.

But while these young stars might not have anything obvious in common, they do share taste in the latest fashion trend: cut-off jean shorts and white button-down blouses. All three have rocked the look this summer and it's up to you to decide who did it best:


Who looks prettiest in this ensemble?

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why do u guys call miley a whore shes like well dress i think u guys are just beeing haters


rachel wears it better miley just looks like a whore as always


I think Emma is sexy but Miley wears it the best...no doubt about that...it's all in the curves, and Miley's sexy curves


As much as I can't stand her I have to admit that Miley Cyrus wore it best


I wuld say Rachel, then Miley then Emma... Emma is cute really cute but l just dont really like the way the shorts are torn looks a bit trashy. But when talking about overall fashion sense Emma wins then Rachel... Miley, well lets just say not my taste.

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