Rachel vs. Emma vs. Miley: Who Wears It Best?

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Rachel Bilson is a moderately successful actress.

Emma Watson plays a key role in one of the biggest movie franchises in history, while also attending Brown.

Miley Cyrus is a floundering singer with an unpopular CD.

But while these young stars might not have anything obvious in common, they do share taste in the latest fashion trend: cut-off jean shorts and white button-down blouses. All three have rocked the look this summer and it's up to you to decide who did it best:


Who looks prettiest in this ensemble?

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I think all three are cute.


rachel bilson dress is nice but emma look sooo beautiful


Emma is the best there is no camparison for her


emma watson!! the entire hp cast are the best in hollywood! oh and amanda bynes, sandra bullock, and ryan reynolds :)


I think the three of them could rock the hell out of a trailer park.


wtf is wrong with this website did miley did something that offend them...everything miley do seems to be worse than the rest...mileys dressing is great so go TEAM MILEY!!


@ udntknome--> one question. How can emma look great and Miley look like a whore when they are wearing the same freaking outfit??


You people need to leave Mylie alone.It's enough that Perez Hilton posted pictures of her getting out of a car wearing no underwear.


totally miley!! i love emma too!!


absolutley miley cyrus!!! but i really like emma too!!!!

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