Rachel Uchitel Returns to Celebrity Rehab

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Not even 24 hours after bolting Celebrity Rehab, Rachel Uchitel is back, baby.

Tiger Woods' preferred mistress quit the VH1 reality show after storming off in a huff, but agreed to come back after producers tracked her down.

The "VIP Hostess" returned after castmates - including Hills douche Jason Wahler, actor Eric Roberts and model Janice Dickinson - urged her to.

You know what they say. Always listen to Jason Wahler.

Why did she bolt? Not because Dr. Drew brought up Tiger Woods, sadly. She's not even allowed, legally, to talk about the golfer in any way at all.

SHE'S BACK: Rachel Uchitel is in Celebrity Rehab. This has nothing to do with Tiger Woods whatsoever. We just threw this picture of him up there for fun.

Her departure followed an intense therapy session while discussing her late father who died of a cocaine overdose in his 40s (Rachel Uchitel was 15).

Despite reports she has a pill problem, specifically with the sleep aid Ambien, sources have said Uchitel is on the show because of "emotional issues."

That's a polite way of saying "an addiction to banging married celebrities."


I hope she gets the help she needs because I don't think people should be bashing her for sleeping with Tiger Woods. Remember folks, it takes two to tango. She has admitted she's famous for nothing. She hasn't acted, modeled, or anything like that. It's all because of Tiger Woods and it isn't fair to blame just her for that. Everyone who has an addiction and wants to get help, deserve help. Why should she be any different? I wish her the best and I hope after rehab she can finally start to live instead of killing herself slowing because of intense pain she has. Good Luck Rachael.


She should return to where she comes from THE GUTTER !!!
Unbelievable only in America whores are considered celebrities. What did she do in her miserable life to be in that show ? Didn't she do enough damage to innocent people ? What does she want to prove ? Her reputation is done forever and no matter what happens in the future she will always be remembered as one of the many holes Tiger fucked .... simple as that. The more I see this ugly face the less respect I have for Tiger : how can he fall for such a classless immoral repugnant pig to jeopardize his family life, career and image is beyond comprehension ?????


What a Joke!!!! Everyone already knows who this woman is!!! Her actions speak louder than her words! She is a shameless, immoral W*H*O*R*E* who has tried everything to trap a rich$$$ man and has failed badly! She is now desperately portraying herself as a victim, since her time seems to be running out!!! By the way, she probably left to be "hammered" and get some "coke" to be able to finish the show.


She is so gross, it almost makes me made that VH1 is continuing her 15 minutes of fame with this show.


TO CLB: So she likes ruining rich married men's lives for fun huh?


Rachel Uglitel is a vengeful, spiteful, immoral W*H*O*R*E* that appears to have many addictions such as: having kinky, threesome, pervert sex with rich married men, extorting money for silence from rich married man, using Silicone, Lipo and drugs to enticed rich married man, getting media attention to spite and get revenge from rich married men!!!

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