Rachel Uchitel: Coming to Celebrity Apprentice?

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Rachel Uchitel is an attractive, alleged nightclub hostess in her mid-30s famous for having affairs with married stars David Boreanaz and Tiger Woods.

It that's Celebrity Apprentice material, that is?

Donald Trump wants in on the action with Tiger's #1 mistress, offering her a spot on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice, The Donald told TMZ.

A longtime friend of Tiger's, Trump personally called Rachel Uchitel about three weeks ago and offered her the spot, telling her she'd be "awesome."

The billionaire is not just throwing that out there for kicks, either. Uchitel was asked if she was going to take the offer, and she said, "Absolutely."

YOU'RE HIRED! Donald Trump wants to bring Rachel Uchitel on board Celebrity Apprentice. In other news, Celebrity Apprentice is apparently still on the air.

NBC has the final say on Uchitel, but Donald usually gets his way, and NBC gave the green light to Rod Blagojevich, so the bar is set really low.

It would be funny to bring on Rachel, yet because she is bound by a confidentiality agreement, she'd be unable to breathe one word about Tiger.

What would her back story even be, then, as far as what airs on the program? That she sent these explicit text messages to David Boreanaz?

Here's hoping we get the chance to find out! The good news for Trump is that if she has a change of heart, there are some good backup plans.

Devon James would definitely do it.


Guess the Donald is getting desperate- she is NOT any kind of celebrity - just a tramp - maybe a show called celebrity sluts - - she might do good though - you know what the oldest profession is and she's certainly a professional at that


A longtime friend of Tigers? Trump is a bigger loser than I thought if Tiger is his supposed friend and he would embarass him further by bringing that skank on the show. Actually tRUMP, tIGER And Uchitel are all low class


This Uglytel woman is an immoral, shameless, money hungry w-h-o-r-e that has been trying desperately to trap a rich$$$$ man and has failed badly. Uglitel has not realized that her lovers use her for nothing more than dirty, kinky, anything goes sex since that seems the only thing she is good for. In revenge she have threaten her lovers and demanded money for her silence. All Uglitel has now is a w-h-o-r-e reputation, spite, rage and a very used ugly silicone enhanced plastic body that looks more like a man on steroids. She is trying to cash on it before she gets too old, since she is already pushing forty. Truly, truly, pathetic!!!


Donald Trump is a scum bag. Yea go ahead at kick Tigers wife/ex wife while she's down emotionally and trying to pick herself up. What a dirt bag. Only in America and americans will watch it too.


I can't believe this, Trump must be hurting for ratings. Didn't know thats all youhad to do to become a celebrity. WILL NOT WATCH!


thats right only in america, u sleep with a rich married man and u become rich yourself.... what a tramp.. i sure won't watch!!


Only in America this kind of things is possible. So she's famous for sleeping with famous married men and then bingo she becomes a star.... Not a surprise this society is going down down down ....
Will she invite Tiger to the show ??? If so I will watch the horndog pervert doing golden showers ....LOL


BREAKING NEWS-Rachel is carring Danald's love child-stay tuned!! LMAO that's all she is good for!

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