Peeps With No Lives Stage Free Lindsay Rally

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Believing that the shackles of justice are simply too tight for spoiled celebrities who drive drunk, then repeatedly violate their probation, some Lindsay Lohan fans who apparently lack hobbies and/or jobs staged a rally in NYC.

A Free Lindsay Rally.

Supporting the troubled star for reasons unknown, fans rallied at Beach Bum Tanning in New York, a salon once used by Lindsay, sister Ali and mom Dina.

Protesters railed against the "harsh treatment Lindsay is receiving," noting that Lohan was given twice the time Paris Hilton was for a similar violation.

They've got a point there, technically ... but it's not exactly a grave injustice, and even more ridiculously, Lindsay is getting out like this weekend.

Free Lindsay?


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Agreed Greenie!!


She won't be alive in 5 years if people keep pitying her.
There is a reason she's in jail, she broke the law and her probation rules time & time again. She needs help not pity.


To Kate: Would you like some wine with your cheese!!!??? Give me a break!! The problem with LL is that the world has been cutting her TOO MUCH SLACK HER WHOLE LIFE INCLUDING HER PARENTS!! She has no respect for anything and think she can do and say whatever she wants!! Did you forget her famouse FU manicure for the judge to see??? Any NORMAL person would never pull that BS! You are on her POOR ME band wagon like the rest of these orange morons!! Yea, keep supporting her and see what she will be like in 5 years!! Not much further than were she is now!!


Poor Lindsay, I actually feel bad for her. The girl is in jail, which is a very horrible place, and people still want to rip her apart with words every day... She's a human being, and it is unfair for anyone to get treated that way. I do not understand why so many people feel the need to hate her. I say leave her alone and then maybe she can get her life back to normal again. This is really sad to watch. All these haters are contributing to the problem, honestly, and it's sickening. :(


This was obviously a shameless promotion by the tanning salon using an incarcerated celebrity as their spokesperson without paying her. It was a very smart idea because obviously it worked and the only expense was markers and poster board.


Oh I get it...they're stupid.