Oksana Grigorieva Investigated For Extortion of Mel Gibson; Actor's Camp Alleges Hard Proof

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Mel Gibson is under fire and facing allegations of domestic violence, but did Oksana Grigorieva try to blackmail the star regarding their now-infamous phone tapes?

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is now investigating that.

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"Extortion allegations have been brought to our attention and we are certainly going to be looking at that," Steve Whitmore of the sheriff's department confirmed.

Tuesday, Gibson's attorney argued to police that her team had solid proof that Oksana Grigorieva not only tried to extort the actor, but lied to the authorities.

Locked in a custody battle over eight-month-old daughter Lucia, Mel and Oksana, who broke up earlier this year, have traded serious allegations for weeks now.

The most significant? That he hit Oksana and Lucia, then attacked her son.

Both Mel and Oksana are now under investigation.

Photos purported to be of a battered Oksana and Lucia have surfaced online, and in the newest Mel Gibson tape, he allegedly acknowledges the Jan. 6 attack.

A rep for the dentist who examined Oksana the day after the incident says she sustained injuries from blows to the head. We'll see what the police conclude.

Mel has denied any physical attack on his ex, however, and his camp has gone on record claiming she's shaking him down - and may have altered the tapes.

Grigorieva's attorney, Stephen Jaffe denied those allegations, saying his client "has repeatedly stated there is no credible evidence whatsoever of extortion."

The feuding parties apparently agreed to a $15 million deal involving custody and the tapes in May, but for reasons unknown, Oksana left it on the table.

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i think he's a jerk but she is a gold digger of the worse kind / there are 2 sides to the story and the only one i feel sorry for is the baby - she should be taken from both of them and if I was Dalton i would get my son away from her and Gibson


Jana, do you read Russian newspapers in russian? "Pravda" in english- "The True", and it's not always the case. We call it: "Yellow Press".


Russian Pravda have an article about Oksana saying that Timothy Dalton psychically abused her and that baby Lucia is not Mel Gibson child, they also question if Oksana is real mother or just surrogate mother to bay Lucie. Baby Lucia Anna suppose to be born December 4, but was born on October 30, which is too early. Was Mel tricked? That picture -baby with the pimple on the chin was a just hoax from radar ROL. Probably authorities they have real picture with the bruise on the baby and that is why baby Lucia need her own Lawyer to represent her best interests.

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