Oksana: Mel Plotted to Murder Harvey Levin

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The saga continues ... TMZ reports that Oksana Grigorieva told authorities Mel Gibson plotted to break the kneecaps of ... TMZ head honcho Harvey Levin.

Oksana's rep, Steve Jaffe, told Harvey earlier this week that Mel had described to Oksana a plot to kill him. The motive? Revenge against Levin - and Jews.

According to Oksana, Mel told her he was livid that TMZ broke the story about his DUI arrest and insane anti-Semitic rant way back in the summer of '06.

Jaffe said Oksana told him Mel wanted the "blood of Jews" on his hands. Guess by being Jewish and running TMZ, Levin is basically Satan in Mel's mind.

We haven't even gotten to the details. Oksana Grigorieva said Mel had someone do "surveillance" on Harvey, having him followed to the gym at 4 a.m.

The plan? To abduct the legal eagle and celebrity gossip executive, strip him, take him deep into the desert, break his kneecaps and leave him to die.


According to TMZ's report on this story, the desert/kneecap plot was investigated and is false. First off, Oksana had the wrong gym Harvey Levin frequents. 

More significantly, Oksana never mentioned this to her lawyers while she tried negotiating the $15 million deal with Gibson in May during their mediation.

At the time, she was wielding one Mel Gibson tape after another as a weapon, using "every piece of ammunition imaginable" to score financially from Mel.

One would think a plot to off Harvey Levin would come up then if she really had knowledge of one. This story only makes Oksana look sketchier than ever.

Oksana claims to have told officials about the plot. Not so.

Says an L.A. Sheriff's Department spokesman: "We categorically deny that any such information was ever given to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department."

It appears to us that whatever Mel Gibson is guilty of, Oksana is clearly hurting her own cause with shady behavior attempts to tarnish his image more.


Grow up Yosra....No excuse for abuse.....ever.Mel needs 100000000000000000000% help..


I don't believe for one minute that Mel Gibson would plot to murder anyone - this gossip rubbish is just that rubbish - wake up you lot.


I think Mel should have thought about all this before he got into it. It seems he had a loving wife butapparently that was not enough. She may be a gold digger but his words speak for themselves. I think his career in Hollywood might be over. The thing speaks for itself. Both need to take the high road for their daughter's sake. He needs to pay up and chalk it up to a lesson learned.


Where was Danny Glover when the wife beatings were going on?


Everyone knows that European women are more clever than the American men they marry.Donald Trump also got played ,his European wife is reponsible for his bad cut.


it is the most Ridiculous Fabricated Lie i've ever heard..this Bitch gold digger oskanas a CRAZY,,EVIL Money hunger,,,as mel said she has no fucking soul...
Mel you're right in every word you told her...i support you and believe in you 1000000000000000000000%


Things are getting clearer now. It's a classic story of a filthy rich middle-aged guy in semi-impotent crisis who left a loving marriage and to get affirmation from a younger, hot woman. As the case always, this woman might be more conniving than she is worthy in bed by bearing his child. Maybe if he watched that Glen Close movie, just to give him an idea how a clandestine affair can turn deadly, although, in this case what bleeds is his bank account. Not to mention a tarnished reputation, and a lifetime of guilt. Lesson learned!


Well it's not the real world really is it? Though I have to say I would rather be surrounded by money hungry people than mad, crazy, racist, physical and emotional beaters.
Mel has been off his rocker for a long time now, we've all seen proof of this and well, if I was punched in the face and treated to all the verbal abuse she was then I would gladly take my moneys worth. Why does he get to get off scott free?


wow...that is so ridiculously outrageous. oksana is out of HER mind. I think she clearly needs to seek some help from mental health professionals. day after day she proves she will do ANYTHING to get money. sick and scary. shows you what the real world is made of, people like oksana who worship money above all else.

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