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i think he definitely put himself in a bad position. having the racist/sexist views he does, he certainly should have been more careful than to get mixed up with a money hungry russian girl.
he's a stupid stupid man. and he is now going to pay the price for it.
she doesn't care about her daughter, and she clearly wasnt abused by mel, otherwise she NEVER would have agreed to ANY visitation or custody,not for any amount of money.
a mother wants to protect her child, at least a sane one.

i do not believe that mel is a danger to his daughter or any woman, physically that is.
and i believe this lady is just trying to get money out of him. his reputation was so badly damaged previously, she knew this would be an easy way to take him down for lots of money.

shes a very bad person, and i feel sorry for mel's daughter, as she will have to grow up with a mother who clearly has no morals.

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