Oksana Grigorieva Email Describes Mel Gibson Attack, Bolsters Claims Against Star

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The disturbing tapes and Mel Gibson voicemails, in which the star rages against Oksana Grigorieva, prove little other than that he needs serious help.

Is he guilty of domestic abuse? That's the question police are trying to answer, and searching for evidence thereof. Did they just find a critical piece?

Oksana Grigorieva wrote an email to her lawyer detailing the beating Mel Gibson inflicted on her just hours after it happened, Radar Online reports.

The celebrity gossip site, which has become her de facto mouthpiece, says the email's story is consistent with what she told authorities months later.

Gibson has denied ever attacking Grigorieva physically, and has charged that she is extorting him - a claim the police are also investigating seriously.

But by documenting events early January 7, soon after they happened, Oksana has created potentially powerful evidence supporting her abuse claims.

“He hit me in the face with a fist and broke two of my front teeth, as well as choking me with his elbow and squishing my face down," she writes.

Some have speculated that Oksana Grigorieva changed her story as she negotiated a settlement with Gibson, the email seems to suggest otherwise.

“He even hit Lucia,” the eight-month-old's mother wrote.

Officials are investigating Oksana’s claim Mel hit them both as she was holding the baby, bruising her face and leaving a mark on the infant’s chin.

An alleged abuse photo indicates a blow to the head.

“He went completely violent while I was holding our two month old baby crying in my arms,” she wrote to the lawyer. “He yelled so loudly in my face for 15 minutes at least. I was trying to run away outside, begging him to stop.”

She told him he would make their baby sick, but “He yelled even louder and kept spitting in my face. Then he kicked us out yelling and screaming.”

Oksana pleaded for help: “I’m asking for your help. I don’t know what to do right now. The scariest thing is the safety of my children,” she wrote.

“He also threatened to take Lucia away from me, because he can. Because he has money! I’m not sure what to do. He is a father to my Lucy. But I have forgiven so much that he probably thinks I’ll just take it. I’m lost.”

Still backing him up, Mel fans? Choose your side:


Interesting--no mention of Mel waiving a gun at her and the kids--I guess that was added later to the story. Also, we have now seen lots of emails written by Oksana and Mel released in the media, but never the one mentioned above that was supposedly written to her lawyer about the alleged abuse. Hmmm? More credibility issues for Oksana.


The Mel and Oksana train is clearly running out of steam. There's too many holes in Oksana's story to be true, especially, since Mel is worth so much, there would be documentation and not a stupid bunch of pictures that have been doctored. Show me real documentation!!!


also, does anyone realise exactly HOW MUCH mel is worth?!?!!!! that can motivate someone to go to pretty extreme lengths to extort and sue their way into some serious money. i am sure she was not happy with 15 million when she was told he is worth close to a billion or whatever it is...15 million is nothing compared to that kind of money. this old lady certainly plays hardball.


yeah, joy said it...
if this really DID happen, she and the lawyer should have, and would have, gone to the cops immediately...and SHE WOULD HAVE MOVED OUT OF ANY HOME HE OWNED IMMEDIATELY.
she clearly has rich friends, she must have some money from all her divorces...
she can't afford to go to a hotel and not tell him where she is?
they have shelters for abused women as well...she could have gone there. instead she writes an email documenting the supposed 'incident'. yeah, okay. that sounds like normal behaviour after being abused....riiiight. apparently all one has to do is take a picture with some botox bruises/makeup, tamper with some tape recordings and release them to the public incessantly, and write an email about an attack and you have a winning case in most people's eyes... her actions detract greatly from any supposed evidence she fakes up


If the claims are true, this lawyer did her a huge disservice in not having her report the incident immediately. It shows that she and he had a settlement on their minds the entire time, not the best interest of the children.

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